Possible concussion for WWE wrestler

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. source
  2. Unlucky. :haha:
  3. Just Miz being a pussy.
  4. Well there goes Kofi Kingston's push
  5. Nah' blame Miz.
  6. I'd have kicked him in the face too after all that smack he talked haha
  7. knew this was about Miz before i came in here. That kick was something fierce
  8. Sauce - PWINSIDER
  9. Should've looked earlier hand put his hand up..

    Looked fucking sick and the sound.. :shock:
    Damn, a slap on the leg wasn't even needed..
  10. That kick looked awesome. Nice to know Miz didn't get a concussion from that.
  11. Point - proven.
  12. Miz legit got kicked right in the face and got busted open the hard way poor guy I hope hes ok. Kofi is a complete botch he seriously needs to work on that finisher kick move
  13. What? It was Miz's fault he didn't get his hands up...

    Kofi is a botch? :lol1::haha::dafuq:
  14. BLFFL, I don't think you can call Kofi a botch. He's hit that maneuver plenty of times without any injuries. It's like Triple H hitting the pedigree and someone breaking their nose. You're not going to say Triple H is the botch.
  15. Lolwut..

    Trouble in Paradise was executed right since the beginning.
    Miz was standing with his back to Kofi, so he could not see him.
    Looking at the 'script', Miz should've held his hands up to block it, which he could do because he knew it was coming and he had the time to do it.
  16. :otunga:
  17. Well at least this rivalry is still going, hope these two can make it look at least decent and long, it'll make the midcard look like something better then the last few months have been if they keep this feud good, and going for a long while.
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