Night of Champions Possible Endings Discussed For Night Of Champions

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by The GOAT, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. The first idea sucks. (Lesnar needing interference to beat the man that he completely dismantled just last month? Blow me. And if someone were gonna interfere, then let it be Heyman since he's Brock's manager and is already right out there at ringside. The idea of another pro wrassler having to run out from the back to help Brock Lesnar is kind of embarrassing.)

    The second idea sucks. (I don't even need to explain why Lesnar losing the championship right now would be terrible. I also don't feel the time is right for Rollins to cash in, especially since I'm hoping to see Ambrose and Rollins inside the cell, and if Seth were to cash in on Cena, you can almost be certain it would be Cena vs Rollins in October, not Rollins and Ambrose.)

    But the third idea? I really like the third idea the best! You have Cena and Brock go at it in a hard-fought battle and despite Cena looking like he's on the verge of pulling off arguably the biggest victory of his career, Lesnar ends up going over clean again. Cena then cuts a promo on Raw afterwards saying that you can't win them all and then wishes all of Brock Lesnar's future opponents the best of luck because "trust me, you're gonna need it." And then someone comes out and mocks him over his consecutive losses, and it is THAT person who Cena moves into a feud with next (is a one-month Cena/Bo Dallas feud feasible?) Who is with me on that one!?
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  2. First two are stupid for reasons you've already stated. Also, if Brock lost the title what's next for him?

    Third idea would be good, just don't have a feud with Bo Dallas and Cena. Make the guy mocking him be either: Cesaro, Rusev (with Lana doing all the talking), Barrett would've been good if he wasn't injured, Wyatt also but they've just feuded not too long ago. It'd be too soon for that again.
  3. Yeah, have Brock win and then Cena moves on.
  4. Idk I kinda like the Bo Dallas/Swagger program they got going right now, I mean I understand what a match with Cena could do for Bo's career but.. I'm not sure this is quite the time to start a short little feud like that..

    Cena/Sandow all day erry day, the two put on some well put together matches.
  5. I agree, but I brought up Bo Dallas only because when I thought who would make for the smarmiest heel to interrupt Cena and mock him for losing twice in a row, him and his whole "All you have to do... is BO-Lieve!" shtick came to mind.
  6. Man you might be right, they could very well end the whole Bo and Swagger program with Night of Champions and have Bo come out the next night on RAW, I could definitely see it having a chance of happening though.
  7. Despite not watching WWE for many years, I have been following this feud because I like Lesnar.
    I'd like to see an I Quit match with Lesnar winning clean, meaning Cena "gave up". Lesnar should hold the title for a long time imo, defeating the streak then holding the belt for a couple months just doesn't make sense.
  8. Lesnar winning clean is the best option but if someone were to come in while the ref is knocked out or something. Depending if this guy didn't win the US Title earlier on in the night, I'd like that guy to be Cesaro. Unless, they are gonna try re-building Ryback. Have him come in.
  9. Ryback hates Paul Heyman, why would he help him? Cesaro is a decent choice, though.
  10. I might cry if Cesaro loses to Sheamus though
  11. Lockard, I know you and I have discussed this feud to its entirety and I still agree with you. Brock should win clean but have to fight a lot harder than he did at SummerSlam to win.
  12. I agree with your logic....however, I don't see Cena ever losing an I Quit match to anyone...whether he's heel, face, or whatever.

    I do agree that he should beat Cena regardless though.
  13. As shocking of a moment as it would be, Cena will never tap out or say "I Quit" in any way until he finally turns heel. This was the case with Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, The Rock, etc. Does anyone really think that if WWE finally makes an exception to that rule that it'll be with the man whose entire gimmick is about never giving up?
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  14. Yeah, I'm in agreement. I don't see Cena ever saying I Quit. His whole gimmick is based around not saying it. Then again, I never thought I'd see the Streak end by anyone, especially Brock Lesnar, and that never know.....
  15. I have to agree here, the first two ideas suck, for obvious reasons. The third one, which you've brought up is the best and most logical.

    So, if the third option scenario happens, I'd have no problem with Bo coming out and mocking Cena next night on Raw. But, we all know what happens to superstars who get to feud with Cena... They all catch Cena-itis and get buried. It'd be a little bit too early to bury Bo.

    So, why not bury the guy who's already been buried? - Cesaro. I mean, I love this guy, he's one of my favorites, having him come out and feud with Cena would do it... He's already stepped up once for Heyman (during the Heyman/Cena promo), after their break-up, that was clearly a sign that WWE had already regretted splitting the two, so just do it.
  16. I've got an ending... Cena sets up for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, he runs off the ropes and goes for the move, Lesnar gets up and nails the F5
  17. Kinda like Rock vs Cena at WM28. Not that I wouldn't be fine with that ending, I'm just saying...
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  18. I like the third idea. Brock should definitely go over clean and then Cena will find out on Raw who he's feuding next.
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