WrestleMania Possible Endings For Rock vs Cena

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  1. 1. Cena beats Rock, then they shake hands and show each other a sign of respect. The most boring and predictable scenario.

    2. Cena beats Rock, and then the next night, he starts to brag about beating The Rock in a very heelish way. The fans already hate him, so it's not like he has to do something controversial (like Austin and Hogan) to officially turn him heel. Maybe he just starts responding to the fans who hate him and turns his back on the ones who do still cheer him. Kinda soft, but still possible.

    3. Cena beats The Rock (or Rock beats Cena), but the next night, Rock offers a handshake of respect. But after Cena shakes his hand (or after he refuses), Cena attacks Rock and absolutely destroys him, thus officially turning him heel.

    4. Same thing as above, except it happens after the match at WM instead of the next night on Raw. This might be smarter since it would be a huge Wrestlemania moment and one that takes advantage of the Rock's Miami homecrowd.
  2. John Cena won't turn heel, I'm positive about that. But I don't know, anything could happen in the WWE!

  3. I would said 3 is the mostly likly is at this point! HOWEVER I think The Rock WILL WIN AT WM28! Now made what! Whne Rock vs. Hogan at WM18 WM that year was in Canada that yet not Hoagn hometown. So there was not that most on peraer on WWE for The Rock to win. This time there is b/c it is Rock HOMETOWN and if it is TRUTH the last match of the night THE ROCK NEED TO WIN! But then the next night i can see ena turning heel since he fail to win and he did not get the pinfall when that team at S.Seris. So Cena would look REALLY POOR! Would could lead to the Stocker of the year and Turning CENA HEEL!
  4. Rock isn't winning clean, I'll tell anyone who thinks that now, he's not winning clean.

    He could be about to win, and Cena does something heelish to get the win and proceeds and destroys Rock. I don't see the heel turn happening but neither do I see Cena winning cleanly, so this is tough for me to predict.

    If #1 does happen I'd be very, very disappointed.

  5. I highly doubt #1 will happen, as Cena said in his shoot that he seriously does not respect the Rock. I think Cena will pull off or attempt something heelish because he also said this match means everything to him.
  6. Well there's no attempting, he's going to get boo'd like he's a heel like HHH in 2000. But anything he does to even hint he's a heel he's going to get a massive amount of boo's, that's why I think they HAVE to pull the heel turn, there is no better venue or stage.

    Whatever happens, he'll get cheered by the kids in every venue he goes into after Wrestlemania, but it means the adult fans might be louder in their boo's to cement the heel turn.
  7. The thing I don't get is why people say Cena has to turn heel and maybe he won't get boos but if he's heel people are going to boo him either way!
  8. No one is saying Cena needs to turn heel to avoid boo's, that's illogical lol.

  9. Well look at SEScoops and Wrestlezone. Filled with trolls who assume they know the company like the back of their hand!
  10. Yeah you'll see that a lot from the IWC, we have a pretty chill userbase though not filled with morons (if you don't count JeebaK).
  11. LOL true Jeebak when he was new posted a lot of IWC like stuff. Or else we are a chill IWC community.
  12. And I am tell u The Rock WILL WIN CLEANLY!

  13. its not illogical in anyway. A face getting booed is a shame to the company especially if its their top guy. However if he turns heel, he will be able to untilize the heat on him to be a great heel. Thats the point. Did i make it easy enough for u to understand or do i have to right in capital letters next time?
  14. You're not in a position to condescend users who you feel are less intelligent than you when you spell "write" as "right". Good day.
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