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  1. So, now that Rollins vs Orton has been set as the ME, what else do you see happening at Extreme Rules?
    I know it's a bit early, but still...

    - Cena vs Rusev for the US title will definitely be happening

    - Bryan vs Sheamus

    - Bryan vs Sheamus vs Ziggler vs BNB is also a possibility

    - Ambrose loses another PPV match (if he even gets to be in one). Shocker.

    - Goldust vs Stardust is something I'd like to see, it's a shame they pulled the plug on it for Mania, but I hope they
    rekindle the feud.

    - Reigns vs Big Show or Reigns vs Kane

    - TK & Cesaro vs either The New Day/Ascension/Usos. I'd like to see 'em face The Lucha Dragons, but it'd be a bit early to put 'em in the title picture. They're prolly gonna be the ones to take the titles away from TK & Cesaro.
    So, at Extreme Rules, I wouldn't be surprised to see The Lucha Dragons vs The Ascension at the PPV, while The Prime Time players could face off The New Day.

    - AJ vs Paige vs Nikki vs Brie

    - Neville vs Bo Dallas, perhaps. Wouldn't surprise me if it ended up being on the pre-show.

    - No idea on what Bray Wyatt might be doing, though.
  2. Miz vs Mizdow lol
  3. Damn, I forgot to put that one.

    It'll definitely be happening at ER. About damn time.
  4. They really need something better for Reigns than fucking Big Show or Kane ffs. gtfo with those assholes already.
  5. I couldn't agree more.
  6. I'd stick him in a program with Wyatt. Both guys needs something
  7. I'd be down on watching that, but it would more than likely mean that "sadistic" shit with Reigns would be used a lot more.
  8. Reigns and Wyatt? That's something I would like to see
  9. I think it happened last year on the build up to their EC match... the crowd was going ape shit IIRC, back before they turned on Reigns like a bunch of fickled fuck faces. Think it wound up in a scrum but the tease was fun. It will happen at some point
  10. If they don't do it now, then perhaps Reigns vs Wyatt is being saved for when Reigns wins the WWE-WHC.
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  11. Roman Reigns vs Big Show
    Daniel Bryan vs Bad News Barrett for the Intercontinental Title
    John Cena vs Rusev for the United States Title
    Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler
    AJ vs Paige vs Nikki vs Brie in a four-way for the Diva's Title
    The Miz vs Sandow
    Some tag Team Title match

    All of which will have a stipulation of some kind attacked to them... Last Man Standing, Submission/I Quit Match, Extreme Rules match, Strap Match, etc. Also betting one of these matches end up on the pre-show.

    I'm kind of worried at the prospect of this card as it leaves both Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt without opponents, and I doubt they'll rekindle their feud so soon after their first one ended. And I admit to not being quite sure how the IC Title picture will play out after Sheamus' actions on Monday... Sheamus attacked Bryan but he seemed to dish even more punishment towards Ziggler's way. Plus I doubt he's losing his first match back, especially as a freshly turned heel. And Barrett has a title rematch to cash in on as well. So a triple-threat between Bryan/Ziggler/Sheamus, a four-way involving Barrett (no) or the two separate matches I mentioned, who knows.
  12. Finally you fantasy book something worthwhile
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  13. Well, for the IC I think they're gonna go with the multi-man. Shall be fun. Cena vs Rusev because I guess he's gonna have his rematch. Miz vs Mizdow will take place for sure. Not sure they're doing Cody vs Goldust, I mean, they both jobbed hard last week, don't think WWE cares anymore. Maybe pre-show. Naomi pinned Nikki so maybe she'll be involved in a Divas title match, although if we're going by that logic so should AJ. So maybe another 4, 5 person match or whatever (and is Brie going to turn on Nikki or are they ignoring their feud?). Sadly Reigns is probably going to have a random match vs Show or Kane, nothing worthwhile. Bray should do something here, I feel. Maybe he's going to beat Ambrose again, idk. I'd much rather Reigns/Wyatt myself. I guess the Lucha Dragons are going to get a win over some random heel team and Kidd/Cesaro are retaining against some random babyface team to build to a match later. Or they're going to rush it.
  14. Hmm...

    Seth Rollins (c) vs Randy Orton for the WWE WHC
    Nikki Bella (c) vs Paige vs AJ Lee for the Diva's Championship
    John Cena (c) vs Rusev for the US Championship
    Damien Mizdow vs Miz
    Daniel Bryan (c) vs Bad News Barrett vs Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship
    Bray Wyatt vs Goldust
    The Brass Ring Club (c) vs The Lucha Dragons vs The New Day
    Pre-Show: Tournament to decide #1 contender to the US Championship

    I mean, I dunno what else could happen. Perhaps put Sheamus and Ziggler in the IC title match. I assume they will want to Wyatt, so they could have him beat Goldust.
  15. Cena vs. Rusev again

    Naomi vs. Nikki hopefully. Give some new divas opportunity instead of Paige and that tiny chick.

    Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns, maybe Orton as well for a Triple Threat.. Rollins will obviously face one of those guys.

    Mizdow vs. Miz, hopefully that's on the pre-show

    Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett
  16. Looks like Ambrose vs Harper might be happening at ER and it might be a tables match, seeing as how they had a match on SD and Harper ended up powerbombing Ambrose through one.
  17. News On The 'Kiss Me Arse' Match At WWE Extreme Rules

  18. My sister, @TheMonic will be happy if she gets to see Sheamus's "arse" I now will keep my mouth closed.
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  19. I don't have enough of a vocabulary to express how stupid this is.
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