Possible finish to Punk v Ryback TLC match

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  1. Source is Meltzer.
  2. Hoping this ain't true. Would hate to see The Shield get sqaushed like that.
  3. Gotta love how WWE wants to protect Ryback and Punk's reign so they keep getting themselves in corners hard to get out of.
  4. I wonder if having Ryback essentially destroy Ambrose would causes some of the IWC to turn on him.
  5. This can be made to work but is a bit tricky.

    One way of doing it would be Ryback putting them all through tables but they get up and manage to dogpile Ryback whilst Punk gets the belt. This makes them look tough since they get up from the table.

    Another way would be for them to make Ryback chase them out of the ring to brawl with them, allowing Punk to snatch the belt.
  6. The IWC is already split on Ryback. No idea why there's this opinion that he's an IWC darling all of a sudden, lol.
  7. obviously ryback is going to get screwed but in what way? :hmm:
  8. :russo: can come up with an original ending. I don't promise logic, but it you want Ryback and Punk's reign to be protected he's your guy. :dawg:
  9. Getting up from being bombed through a table would break the kay so bad..
  10. Not unless he takes more time with the third guy, allowing the first guy to hit him in the legs with a lead pipe and somewhat. Then slowly the second guy comes in, and after a while the third guy does.
  11. Seriously, is anyone even looking (actually) forward to seeing and enjoying this match? I mean, you already know the winner (obviously) and Goldberg winning just isn't an option. Hell, the 3rd football league in Sweden will probably be more exciting than this. Just freaking saying.
  12. I think its trash, and will be another cheap win or not a loss for CM. TNA > wwe.
  13. Yes because of the potential storyline advances/twists. The Shield & Heyman are the factors drawing me to this storyline.
  14. Eh, I still think that the sole purpose The Shield exists is to prevent Punk from losing the title and for Ryback to have a feud until WM.

    There will be no twists or story advancements at all. It'll end the way Brad Maddox ended eventually, just these guys have a lot more talent.
  15. Highly doubt that. WWE are high on all three talents. The reason Ambrose's debut was delayed was due to them not wanting to fuck it up as they knew what a great talent he was.
  16. I'll believe it when I see it. All I see right now is a 3v1 handicap match with Ryback flattening the three of them. It wouldn't be the first time a stable was completely buried by one wrestler:dawg:
  17. That's fine lol. Ryback needs momentum and I don't mind that, Ambrose will stick around which is all I care about.
  18. The Shield costing him the match somehow is pretty predictable and obvious. If it were me, this is how I'd do it:

    Have Ryback destroy Punk and then prepare to set up the ladder and get the title. However, as he does, The Shield attacks him. He somehow destroys all three. But then Punk low blows him and handcuffs him to the ring post on the outside. Ryback struggles as Punk sets up the ladder in the ring and climbs up to grab the title, but then he suddenly breaks the handcuffs (should get a loud pop) and frees himself from the ring post (as Punk looks on the ring in absolute shock) but then as Ryback enters the ring to climb up the ladder to grab Punk (or just push the ladder over), The Shield (having recuperated during this time) tackles him in the ring and holds him down long enough for Punk to grab the title and run off with it as the winner. This would be cool because it shows Ryback surviving two different obstacles (Shield's first interference and being handcuffed by Punk to the post), only to just barely lose when Shield interfered for the second time right at the last moment.
  19. Alternativley, Ryback gets attacked by The Shield before the match starts, CM Punk picks up the easy win. match lasts 10 minutes.
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