Possible foreshadowing of WM match?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by GrammarNazi82, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. I just got to wondering if this WWE Inbox video -- posted in October -- may have possibly been foreshadowing the Punk / Undertaker match that has been mentioned for this year's Wrestlemania. It's mentioned in the responses to the second question. Thoughts?

  2. Nice find, it appeared to be tongue in cheek but still pretty interesting nonetheless.
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  3. Punk's smirk right at the end makes it even more of a tease.
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  4. Well, it's not like we didn't all see that one coming. I was still holding out hope for Brock/Taker but twas not to be, I guess.
  5. Yeah, I thought it was interesting. I agree with Jonathan about Punk's smirk at the end. His closing comment just made me go :hmm:.
  6. This match would do nothing for me tbh. It'd be an alright match though, I guess, but still mehhhhhhhhh
  7. I'd love to see that match. Great find GrammarNazi.
  8. Told you it was a good idea to post this :emoji_slight_smile:. Great find.
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  9. I wonder what people's reactions would be if Punk broke the streak. Not that I'd want him to or that I think there are realistic odds in him doing so (although on a personal level, I'll take him doing it over Cena), just a hypothetical scenario given the mixed and sometimes negative feelings that people have about Punk, especially by a few on here.
  10. I wouldn't rage, as long as he is in the business for a lot longer. If CM Punk is going to retire in a year or two, then there is no need for him to have the streak. But if he breaks it and becomes the biggest heel in recent years then why not? I don't really want him to but watching people rage would be funny, and I really don't think I would be effected. As you say, I would much rather Punk take it than Cena.
  11. If they decided to give Punk the streak and it gave him more momentum that he's ever had, I'm sure he'd decide to stay in the business for a lot longer. Just like when he was about to leave in 2011 but then the MITB storyline convinced him to stay.
  12. Aww, thanks, Danielson. :emoji_slight_smile:

    And of course you were right. :emoji_wink: Thanks, Crayo.

    As a Punk fan, I of course wouldn't be too upset if he won. However, I'm still middle of the road about the match itself. It seems like it could be good, but I'm having a hard time getting excited about it. I would much prefer to see Punk break the streak than Cena the golden child, but I also see Crayo's side and agree with it that if he's going to retire soon then he shouldn't be the one to do it. But if he is sticking around longer and if the win would also encourage him to stay longer, then sure, I'd be OK with it.
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