Possible heat Dolph Ziggler with WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 23, 2013.

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  1. Regarding why Dolph Ziggler seems to be stuck in the midcard right now, he has the reputation backstage for being someone with a bad attitude. It’s said that WWE officials don’t like the way he represents himself backstage, the way he speaks to people and the way he speaks to the media. While Ziggler tries to make it sound like he’s keeping with the storylines, there are people within WWE that don’t like how he speaks out about the company.

    Source: Pwmania
  2. Sounds like for a reason for him to be where he is (sounds strange though).
  3. Then does that mean Dolph going to TNA????
    Well it will really suck.....
  4. Seem to remember that story between Shawn Michaels saying there wasn't money in someone about his size, and the internet went apeshit thinking it was Bryan... pret-ty sure we know who this was about now.

    Guess it makes sense. No matter how badly the treat the guy the fans won't turn on him. If he's this over as a jobber, why push him?
    Either that or the business extraordinaire Vince McMahon loves cutting off his nose to spite his face.
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  5. To be honest, whilst I think it's retarded that he is where he is on the card, I always wondered how he was getting away with some of the stuff he has said. He seemingly does bad mouth the company sometimes but I always put it down to him being passionate about wanting to be the best; something I thought and heard Vince McMahon was a fan of. He isn't like the typical WWE talent where they're fine of jobbing for a pay check.

    It's silly for Dolph to go out and say negative things about stars like Orton & Cena though, why do it? Play the company boy if you want to get to the top; Miz has done it and look where that DID get him. If Dolph was the one who played that role, would he have dropped the ball like Miz did? I know it's probably against his morals, but in a company like WWE, you need to play politics to get to where you want.
  6. I still think he was referring to Curtis Axel on that one. Michaels came out and said that Vince didn't see money in a certain superstar right after they cancelled the proposed Triple H/Axel feud that they were already building to. Plus, Axel is 6'3, which is the estimated height of the person Michaels said Vince was talking about.

    Regardless, it seems Ziggler is destined to be forever regarded as "one hell of a hand." Someone they can count on to have good matches and make people look good, but not someone who's skills and charisma absolutely demand that he be given a top spot. Being honest, I wouldn't completely mind him as a lifelong midcarder (the kind of role Christian settled into for years) as long as he wasn't losing every match. Being a midcarder isn't an absolutely bad place to be as most of the roster are in the undercard and there is still plenty to do there (IC Title, US Title, Tag Team Titles, etc.), but just book him in feuds that feel like they have purpose, like his feud with Zack Ryder over the Untied States Title in late 2011.

    I'm still inclined to think that that interview he gave against Randy Orton was kayfabe but meh. I don't see why bad mouthing the company would automatically get him punished. Punk did it (and still does when he isn't getting his way) and got an eventual push out of it.
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  7. There you go Ziggler marks... Ziggler jobbing out every week is his own fault.
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  8. You can have all the talent you want nowadays, but you need to have the total package. With WWE's global presence, you need to represent yourself professionally in all facets of your work. That's why John Cena secured the spot he did. He does everything asked of him, and does it with style and a smile on his face.

    I don't read many interviews, but if Dolph is bad-mouthing the company it's not a great way to secure a main event spot. Don't shit in your own backyard.
  9. The difference with Punk is that he got to the point where he was far too popular for WWE to ignore it. Dolph is obviously an asset, he probably brings decent sales from merchandise, but I'm sure the WWE feel that he is interchangeable.

    I really want him just to leave for TNA now, tbh. They're generally a lot better at recognising the talent in their roster and utilising them appropriately (IMO). I disagree completely about the WWE midcard, there's usually one feud which is semi-relevant, and that's about it really. Dolph has hardly done in anything in years being stuck down there. The only time he's felt at all relevant in the last year or so was his feud with Jericho, when won MitB and the WHC, and during his feud with Cena. His feud with Jericho was his only real midcard thing in that list (you could argue the WHC win as well, I guess).

    Daniel Bryan is one of those guys whose skills and charisma don't necessarily justify him having a main spot, however he's done fantastically well since being handed his top spot. I think Ziggler would be exactly the same if he was given a proper opportunity. Granted, he doesn't have a catchphrase anywhere near as over as the 'yes' chants, but he managed to get over when consistently jobbing, so I see no reason why he couldn't become a top guy for the WWE.
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  10. He simply doesn't have the main event bulge. Vince only likes the main event bulges.
  11. I'm actually surprised at this. I was never aware of Dolph speaking bad about the company. And how bad could his attitude be? The only real bad attitude is a lazy one, but he seems to work his ass off.
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  12. Money, is why he should still be pushed. I mean logically if you have a guy who's over with the crowd, you want to make money from him. By pleasing the people who like him to make them buy his stuff. By burying him, you lose sales for the people who don't necessarily understand that Ziggler is one of the more entertaining wrestlers on the roster.
  13. 10 years ago DZ would have been a star. In today's WWE they want to push pussies and faggots like the Miss.

    no wonder I can barely sit through 20 minutes of Raw before giving up these days.
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  14. They've jobbed him out a thousand times and he still pushes merch and is main-event-caliber over with some crowds. The more they try to bury the guy, the more we want him to succeed. I want to see this guy pushed as much as anyone else (really worried about this finally hurting his viability as a star too) but from the company's point of view I can see how they like using him as a jobber if he'll still make money that way, and find a new guy to push to make money in the main events.

    If that was the reason, it sucks but I get it. If the OP is the reason, it's pure bullshit.
  15. I respect the theory but can't buy into it. If Ziggler were a money making machine as a mid card jobber Vince would want to see how much he could milk from him. if he were as valuable as you are making him out to be they would push him to the ME to see what kind of PPV buys he could get; that is where real revenue starts to come in
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  16. This is standard WWE Logic, When Zack Ryder got himself over, they gave him a crappy title reign. Then wondered why people stopped giving a rats ass about him.
  17. I'll give you that. Just after 2 years on this site apparently I'm still trying to make sense of wwelogic, fail on my part there :lol1:
  18. I dont believe this news on him having a bad attitude ive seen interviews of him coming across very well

  19. It's because Zack Ryder simply wasn't that good. He had his little thing, and then it went south. After that he had his little tantrums all over Twitter and that's the story of Zack Ryder. INTERNET CHAMPION!! :jericho:
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