Possible Jeff Hardy WWE Return?

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  1. There are a lot of rumblings within TNA that Jeff Hardy is looking to return to WWE when his current contract expires in early 2013.
    The feeling is that Hardy wants to return to WWE for one more big run and make a bunch of money because he lost a lot with the legal troubles he has had over the past few years.

    We noted before that TNA had Hardy win the Bound For Glory Series because they want to keep him happy. TNA really wants Hardy to stay as he is their biggest merchandise seller. The feeling is that TNA may put the World Heavyweight Title on Hardy to try and persuade him to re-sign.

    ^^^ Yesssss this has to happen Jeff returning to WWE would be epic and how fitting would it be for Jeff to take out CM Punk when he retires since he has said hes retiring sooner than we think. As remember CM Punk was the one to take out Jeff on his last day in WWE so this would really close the chapter on this
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  2. I don't think he'll leave TNA.
  3. Don't understand TNA putting the title on someone who wants to leave, but meh.

    It will be awesome to see Hardy in WWE again though.
  4. Sooner than we think isn't like, right now.
    Probably within 5 years.
  5. I don't see any reason for Hardy to want to come back to WWE. TNA has bent over backwards for him

    Having said that, I couldn't care less if he stays or goes. He is okay, but not my cup of tea.
  6. Image fail.
  7. He should stay in TNA for a few more years
  8. I'm in agreement brother.
  9. of course you are! cause im right!!! he just fixed his life and no need to go into wwe cause it's a very hectic schedule and could fuck things up!!
  10. I agree, am I right when saying he's just become a father aswell?
  11. i dont keep up with the things he does with his penis :finger:
  12. If he keeps his theme I'll be his #1 fan.
  13. i love his theme :gusta: gives me goosebumps

  14. Marking right now.. :gusta:


    The sad truth..

    ^ Upload date: 07-28-12 :upset:


    Markymarkin' :gusta:
  16. he wont't come back but it will be awesome if he did
  17. Maybe if Jeff Hardy didn't spend his money on wholesale heroin he would have some money left over form his legal battle, matter of fact he wouldn't have a legal battle to begin with.

    I used to like Jeff Hardy, but I couldn't really care if he returned to WWE or not. :smug1:
  18. Good, Hardy in WWE is a solid main-eventer, Hardy in TNA is meh.
  19. I will fucking mark out if Jeff returns and takes out CM Punk on his leaving day that would be sweet revenge for what he did to Jeff on his leaving day
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