Evolution Possible Leaked Evolution PPV Card (HEAVY SPOILERS)

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Sep 12, 2018.

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    You have been warned...turn back now before its too late!


    Okay...so I have a few thoughts...& again...SPOILERS!!!

    Starting from the top & working my way down...

    ~ Rhea Ripley is the current NXT UK Women's Champion...which is awesome because she
    is Australian...but I honestly have no idea who she is & I'm not going to pretend otherwise.
    Dakota Kai is getting a title shot...which is awesome...so I'm looking forward to this match.

    Dakota Kaifu...

    @Seth knows what I'm talking about...

    ~ Special Announcement segment most likely means an appearance by Stephanie...so

    ~ Carmella is hosting a talk show? SKIP!!!

    ~ The Riott Squad vs. The Dom & Sub Connection...again. Yes I know Ivory is in
    the match...but it doesn't change the fact we have seen this match so many fucking
    times already. It just seems Sasha & Bayley have been in this constant loop of
    fighting Absolution & The Riott Squad...and none of it has really meant anything.

    ~ I have no idea who is in the Mae Young Classic final...but hopefully its a
    good match. I didn't alter this image...it was found like that.

    ~ A Battle Royal...like I suggested in another thread. Nice...& if I had to guess
    Shayna will most likely win this.

    It will be interesting to see if the 2 other MMA Horsewomen make an appearance.

    I don't know their names...& I'm not going to pretend I do.

    ~ Okay...so why is Asuka vs. Ember Moon happening? I mean we knows these
    ladies have great chemistry...but they are on different brands now. Also...with all
    the history between them...Ember HAS to win this match...like HAS to. Although
    a victory over Asuka doesn't mean what it once was.

    Fucking Carmella...

    Is this a Number #1 Contenders match...like whoever wins it gets a shot at their
    brands Champion? That would be cool...and give the match a reason for happening.

    ~ Naomi vs. Melina? I honestly do not care...unless its a dance off...then I'll care.


    ~ Mickie James vs. Lita? Why? Why are these two not fighting some of the younger
    women on the roster & putting them over? I've honestly always thought Lita was
    overrated...so SKIP!!!

    ~ Like I said earlier...it will most likely be Kairi vs. Shayna again...although I'm
    curious to know how many women on the card will be pulling double duty on
    the night? I would have just booked a fatal four way with Kairi vs. Shayna vs.
    Ember vs. Asuka.

    Tell me you wouldn't want to see that match with all the history between those
    four women.

    Also Nia Jax better not win the Battle Royal...because as good as Kairi is...
    she won't get a decent match out of Nia.

    ~ Honestly...I'll be skipping Alexa vs. Trish. I literally hate Alexa to the point
    where I would rather watch a Roman Reigns match than anything she is
    involved with.

    And I know I'm all about the WWE pushing their younger talent...but I hope
    Trish goes over because frankly Alexa has been pushed enough.


    ~ And the women's tag titles finally appear & looking at the teams...well...we
    have two "veteran" teams from RAW & two "young" teams from SDL...so I say
    give it to one of the SDL teams. I mean its not like Smelly Kelly or Beth Phoenix
    are coming back full time.

    It is cool to see the Divas of Doom together again though.

    ~ Becky vs. Charlotte Rd.3...with no hints to who has the title going into this
    event. I hope its a street fight or a last woman standing match...and I want Becky
    to go over of course because I think Charlotte has achieved enough so far to last
    the rest of her entire career.

    Of course knowing the WWE Charlotte will go over clean, get booed like the
    female version of the Plank of Wood & Becky will be "benched" for another
    entire year.

    ~ And the main MAIN event...Ronda vs. Nikki. Look...like I've harping on about
    like a harp player on cocaine...Nikki is a BIG step up from Stephanie, Nia, Foxy
    & Alexa (I'm not counting tag match encounters) & as long as Cena isn't around...
    then I'll be happy.

    Well...those are my thoughts & opinions looking at this leaked card...but who
    really knows at this point. The WWE could change it all around because of this

    Subject to change I guess...

    What about you guys? Share your thoughts, opinions & ideas below and don't


    What the hell was that?

    Anyway...y'all have a good one & I'll see y'all around the traps.

    Oh yeah...& Project: God Flesh will debut on the 15th of September in the
    locker room...so keep an eye out for that.


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  2. So the Nikki and Ronda thing is happening....
    Excuse me while I infringe your gimmick...

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  3. No worries Snake...Infringe away...

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  4. I just want to say, I hate you and I want to hit you in the face with a steel chair.

    Also, Jinny should have won the NXT UK Women's Championship instead of Rhea...fite me.
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  5. What did I do now?

    I don't know who either of them are...but
    Rhea is Australian so...she gets me vote.

    No...I'm lover...not a fighter.

    Actually I'm a pervert...but much of a muchness.
  6. All-right, time for an overly long-winded post about a product I don't really care about anymore because well, I'm cooking spaghetti and the water takes forever to cook anyway so might as well. Albeit, it helps that I actually do have interest in Evolution, and I'll probably skim around the card, hopefully it'll be enough to re-ignite some passion.

    I. No idea who the middle two are outside of the fact that I think they're in the Mae Young Classic this year, either way, Rhea Ripley was one of my favorites in the original and Dakota Kai was alright, liked her match with Kairi anyway. Seems like a weird opener though, figured they'd try to throw some more well-known competitors to kick off the show. And then having segments immediately after it, seems like a weird structure. Hope that doesn't imply it'll be a pre-show match or something.

    II. Interesting, unless they're waiting to announce the tag titles night of (and they wouldn't do that considering the championship match contains a hall of famer), then the only thing I could think of is giving the women their own show or something. I mean, one would think the announcement has to correlate to their "Women's Evolution", otherwise it's just distracting from the main point of the show. Not going to watch the segment most likely, but I'll look forward to the news bullet point of it.

    III. Oh god no, I'm not watching that. I'm thankful that they're not having Carmella wrestle, and giving her a time to show her mic skills makes sense. If you want to showcase how far the division has come, you naturally have to highlight their promo time too, it's an important part of WWE and Carmella's a good pick for that since she's one of the better talkers, I think. I do admittedly, tune her out but she one really good heel promo like a year ago during the Money in the Bank debacle, she'll probably just be annoying here but it's a nice thought? Highlighting GLOW also kinda makes sense, and I like Alison Brie for Community but again, you'd have to pay me to watch this. It sounds like a nightmare.

    IV. Why is Ivory in the match? Just to throw her in the card? I mean alright, at least she'll add some variety because the whole Riot Squad/Bayley & Sasha thing feels so stale to me. I don't know how frequently they've been fighting or anything but I do recall it starting around the time Sasha was suppose to fight Bayley on Raw, I think they interrupted and I want to say that was soon after Mania so it's been a long time. Hopefully this is a blow-off. I don't think I'll be watching it since I didn't really watch a lot of Ivory so it has nothing for me.

    V. I know who is in the finals because there was a rumour about Asuka vs. Lita being confirmed on twitter and cause I don't watch I like a moron just checked the wiki page for the event which isn't kind enough to spoiler tag that so yeah. The finale's kinda what I expected it to be, I'm not that upset. I want say what it is but I do expect it to be good. Match of the Night contender definitely. I'll watch this one. Only took the fifth segment. I might watch the fatal four way.

    VI. Fantastic idea to throw a battle royal in that has an immediate impact on the show later. I like when wrestling PPV's have an on-going narrative within them and admittedly this isn't any grand one but it is one that adds enough connective tissue to it to be interesting. I think it's a bit too close to the Kairi match if this is the order, I would've started the show with this but maybe they're planning on using that as an excuse to justify Kairi going over if it does turn out to be Shayna again like Grievous said. Like, they want to keep her strong so maybe have her wrestle so close together, you got that argument in. I probably won't watch this because as a general rule, battle royals suck. I still think it's a smart idea, just don't want to see it.

    VII. WHAT!? Sick, dude. I've mentioned it a few times on here before but Asuka vs. Ember Moon at Takeover: Brooklyn is my favorite women's match ever and I thought Asuka was going to be stuck in a tag match with Naomi so this so much better than what I thought. Now realistically, this will be nowhere as good as their Brooklyn match because the context surrounding the two is completely different and there's emotional investment is far lesser but still, the match should be great. And yeah, Ember Moon kinda has to beat Asuka (god dammit, I've seen enough of that) and while that certainly doesn't have the value it once did, it has a lot of personal value to Ember. Even with the Carmella stuff, this match can easily be built to be super valuable to Ember Moon, so that her victory still carries a lot of weight. I mean, the story between these two is so great cause dethroning Asuka was Ember Moon's destiny. She was the only person Asuka really ever cheated to beat in her NXT days, Asuka being Ember on her way out when everything was pointing to Ember winning and Asuka even eliminated Ember in the Rumble that Asuka won (we don't talk about what happens after). Asuka is Ember's white wale, Asuka might not have her streak anymore but she still definitely has Ember's number. And if WWE caters to this narrative in the build, this will easily be the match of the night.

    VIII. Seriously? Naomi tweeting Melina actually had an effect on the card? Sweet. I like Naomi, I love Melina, so sure, I'll watch this. I really thought Melina, during the last few years in WWE was one of the best wrestlers they had, really entertaining and unique moveset that made good use of her flexibility (the finish to the I Quit match with Beth Phoenix in particular, Melina's flexibility made that look absolutely brutal) and she had a lot of my favorite matches from that time period (the aforementioned I Quit match as well as the first Night of Champions match with Michelle McCool [which was so good that they got yelled at backstage for making the men look bad by comparison (to which Chris Jericho stood up for them because Jericho the best)]). And considering that Melina's been wrestling on the independents since, she's currently a champion for some promotion (I follow her on twitter, I haven't seen her compete since WWE), so I'm assuming she'll be just as good, probably better than she was. I'll watch this.

    IX. I'm pretty sure the entire reason this is happening is because back in 2006 at Survivor Series, Mickie beat Lita in her retirement match, and while Lita's wrestled since I do think that's an interesting narrative for a match. I think they could make a good story out of this, especially if they bring up call-backs from that earlier match, it'd be pretty cool. I hope Mickie wins again, I still think they should do more with Mickie than be Alexa's back-up bitch because I still Mickie is as talented as she once was. I don't know if I'll watch this, but it's cool.

    X. Kairi Sane better retain. I don't have anything else to say about this, I love Kairi, I'll watch the match.

    XI. Bliss vs. Trish, my favorite thing about the match is that names kinda rhyme. Bliss' style is focused on getting over her heel personality, and personality driven wrestling has it's place been when I've been so thoroughly exposed to that personality, it makes her matches feel redundant. Bliss doesn't add anything to a match past her personality, and I do like having personality as a trait in your wrestling style but if you're going to remain interesting to me, I need additional in-ring ability from like a technical point. And I like Trish, Trish is fine wrestler, but I don't really trust her carry that weight. I think this match makes sense for WWE to do, I don't care, I'll probably watch it if I'm in a good mood at this point in the show.

    XII. Alicia Fox & Kelly Kelly? Why? Gross, that's like a dream of my nightmare. Besides that, cool, I like the Divas of Doom and they should do the tag titles. Glad it's at this event. It seems like Smackdown's guaranteed to the champions, hopefully The Iconic Duo win because I just think they're more interesting than Sonya & Mandy. And they kinda need it because since coming to the main roster they've mostly just been Asuka's bitch. And actually, thinking about it now, them winning, after this event Asuka & Naomi might be the first team in line for a shot, so they could continue being Asuka's bitch though I imagine they'll just pin Naomi and move on.

    XIII. I was going to complain about a Cell match not being a feud concluded but I looked up on wikipedia and see the match isn't in a Cell. Any complaint I'd have with this is thrown out the window, it'll probably be a good match. It'll be my main event, I hope they give it to Becky. I think they will because they need to start getting Charlotte ready for Ronda. Charlotte's going to likely win the Rumble and challenge Ronda at Mania, so give it to Becky now, let Becky develop a lengthy reign, and that way at Mania Asuka can take the title from heel Becky. I'm convinced Asuka vs. Becky is the Smackdown plan, they planted seeds very quickly after Mania for that, so yeah.

    XIV. I'm not watching this, I don't give a fuck about Nikki Bella. Ronda will win, Ronda should win. I don't think it should be the main event but I don't care. I'm just glad the PPV is happening and that the women are getting their time to shine. If they need to close off with their money girl Ronda, go ahead. If they want to pretend like Nikki Bella is on the same level as Ronda, go ahead. I don't care, the people I care about got their moment and I'm just happy for them.
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  7. Yep...her & Bliss...tune them out...
    or just SKIP!!!

    Why gross?

    Asuka's Bitches...there are two of them.

    Hear Hear!

    You & me both Mustafar...

    I like how you think Mustafar...BUT...honestly...I'd have "Heel" Becky go over
    at Wrestlemania...as awesome as Asuka is...Becky deserves it more.

    Also...& this question goes out to everyone actually watching SDL...but
    isn't Becky still getting massive face pops even though she's technically
    playing the villain?

    Also...as much as I would love to see Charlotte win a women's rumble...
    (especially if she does it from #3) it all really depends on the booking
    between now & then.

    Also...the WWE may want Ronda vs. Charlotte to headline Survivor Series
    this year...so Charlotte could end up retaining all the way till after that pay
    per view...I mean it all depends.

    There could be an interesting story told with Charlotte winning the Rumble
    & picking to challenge Ronda...especially if Becky is still the SDL champion
    at the time. It would almost be like a middle finger to Becky even after she
    had dropped the belt to her.

    Logically Charlotte vs. Ronda at Wrestlemania 35 makes sense...but the
    WWE have a habit of not making sense at the worst of times.
  8. Mostly anything with Kelly Kelly will get that reaction from at least, definitely when it concerns a wrestling. She was one of the worst wrestlers during the diva era imo, she was probably my least favorite actually thinking back now. And Fox doesn't do much to improve things, like there's a reason she's been in the company for a decade straight yet only has one championship to her name, and why nobody is petitioning for another reign. I think she has a good Northern Lights Suplex, and that's kinda it in terms of wrestling. I thought she was near the bottom a decade ago and I still think she's near the bottom. The team sounds gross, I'm glad there are three other teams so the action won't 50/50 on them.

    Oops, my bad. In my defense, I only really care about Royce.

    I disagree but putting aside my Asuka bias, I think it's clear that Asuka needs the win more than Becky would at that point. Assuming Becky wins the Championship at Evolution (and not at Hell in a Cell, which I think she could but probably won't), then at Mania she will have held the Championship for 161 days. The longest reigning Smackdown Championship is 147 days, in Charlotte's first reign. So I think Becky becoming the longest reigning champion for the title, especially if she's breaking Charlotte's record which I think would be a excellent talking point for Becky Lynch in the build to Mania, and having Asuka win the title from her at Mania, is a way to reward both of them. Whereas if Asuka loses to Becky at Mania, Becky does get a stronger reign and a great moment but Asuka is left as second place two years straight, with potentially no career highlights since winning the first Women's Rumble (she might win the tag titles with Naomi at some point in-between Evolution and the build to Mania).

    They could go with Ronda vs. Charlotte at Survivor Series but that would be really stupid. And granted, stupid isn't out of the wheelhouse for WWE but I do know that when it comes to their planned WrestleMania matches/main-events (Charlotte vs. Ronda was rumoured to be main event at one point, apparently Rock might come back to fight Roman or something horrible like that? So that might be up in the air), WWE are stupidly stubborn. They passed on Strowman despite being the hottest thing in ages because Roman had to fight the unbeatable Lesnar at Mania. WWE passed on CM Punk's historic reign hitting 500 days because Rock vs. Cena II was something that absolutely had to happen. I have confidence that for once WWE's ridiculously stubborn nature will actually work out in my favor for once.

    I think they'll do Lynch vs. Ronda at Survivor Series. You got a stronger character dynamic, Arm-Bar vs. Arm-Bar and to your point, I think the narrative of Charlotte picking Ronda would be more interesting if Becky vs. Ronda happen (whether Ronda goes over there or well, Becky doesn't have much chance to go over does she? But if she does, I still think it'd be interesting).
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  9. I hear you.

    The only thing I know about her is
    that she was a stripper at one point...
    or something like that.

    Not that I have a problem with strippers...
    as long as when they work for a wrestling
    company they can actually wrestle.

    I actually like Foxy...mainly because
    she's so "hammy" with her acting...
    like she's so over the top that its
    just fun.

    Her wrestling isn't much...but then
    she's better than Lana or Dana.

    Wow...Okay...so...just a few points from me...
    ~ I personally have gone a bit "cold" on Asuka...which
    isn't her fault...its been her booking...I mean those
    back to back losses to Clownella & her pet Blobfish...
    those fucking hurt man...like really hurt. I still believe
    Asuka should have gone over at Wrestlemania &
    should still be Champion & Undefeated to this day.
    ~ As far as long title reigns...well...they only mean
    something if you notch up a few successful title
    defenses & still look competent while being the

    Hence why Naomi's title reign was terrible...4 title
    defenses (Alexa x1, Lana x3) as well as not defending
    the title at Backlash or Battleground and then her first
    "real" title defense at SummerSlam...she lost the belt
    & then lost her rematch 2 nights later.


    ~ The main reason I'm gunning for Becky so hard is
    IMO this is it. The last real chance for her to make a
    mark as a performer on the main roster. Honestly...if
    Charlotte goes over in this feud...Becky may as well
    leave the company.

    Asuka on the other hand will always have her NXT
    run...so to me...Becky needs the title, she needs to
    hold till Wrestlemania & beyond & she needs 4 or 5
    solid title defenses while being Champion.

    My only concern is that once Becky has the title they
    start booking her as a coward/chicken shit...which
    would totally be against her character...heel or face.

    I agree 100%

    Becky wins the title between now & Evolution...
    Ronda retains until Survivor Series...
    Ronda vs. Becky...Champion vs. Champion at Survivor Series...
    Charlotte wins the Rumble...challenges Ronda...
    Charlotte vs. Ronda & Becky vs. Asuka at Wrestlemania 35...

  10. You know what you did.

    Rhea is good, but Jinny would have been better especially with her being a bitch.

    You got me on that.
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    *Goes & sits in the corner...AGAIN*

    Also...I wanted to post this here...just because...

    Love that song...
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  12. This card... When I saw it, I just had this overwhelming feeling of... "Oh. They may salvage something out of this disaster after all." Call it low expectations but seeing the past vs present vibe from this seems interesting at least.

    I really don't like the NXT championship match being decided by a battle royal on this show though. Would rather see a battle royal on NXT TV a couple of weeks before, just because NXT would do a good job turning something as small as THAT into good build...

    Otherwise... sure, why not. I don't even know what to post about this lol

    also no brie bella? okay
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  13. You know who else did this? RoH at All In, that is all I am saying.
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  14. If I had to make a guess...this is the company's way of getting all the
    NXT ladies as well as some other performers like Dana Brooke, Lana,
    Nia Jax & Maryse on the card.

    I also think member Mustafar summed it up perfectly.

    A fair call Sethington...a fair call.

    I'm guessing she maybe at ringside during the main event...leading to Shayna possibly
    being in Ronda's corner for that match. Or she may at least show up & choke Brie out...
    I don't know...depends if the Bellas are working heel I guess.
  15. Kelly Kelly and Foxy in a tag team. That's random...
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  16. From what I've heard this card is super fake. Honestly, anyone can shove a logo onto some paper and type up a card, and from what I've heard that's exactly what happened here
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  17. Hoxo is right...

    I did a lot of digging and found the real match card that was leaked.

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  18. Well I wasn't too interested before, but this new updated card definitely has my attention
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  19. mmmmhmmm

    I think a lot of my (minor) salt about this is about the NXT women's battle royal - the infamous one where Eva Marie eliminated Asuka - match. And how they built the Bayley/Carmella friendship from nothing to something in a few weeks and made the match mean enough to be the best Carmella match ever, lol. Gotta love NXT agenting.

    Just figure they can do that again, not that this is some super big deal

    Clearly fake. You can tell because of the lack of space after the and in match 12. WWE wouldn't let a mistake like that slide!
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  20. Eh, I couldn't care less anymore because as soon as people realize just accept WWE for what it is and that it will never change or do anything right the better your life will become.
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