News Possible Location For WrestleMania 34

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Sep 1, 2015.

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  2. No, not another east coast WrestleMania. How about going international, England, Canada etc.
  3. They won't host outside the US for a Mania. Timezones would be an issue- they cater for their biggest fanbase, which is the US, a lot of American people moaned about having to stay up until 5 am for the Japan special. Plus there's the chance that the venues in other countries wouldn't be as big/they might not manage to fill them even if they were of a similar size to the venues used in the US.
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  4. Have it wherever, it could be in MKE or the Twin Cities and i'd still pass. Philly isn't a horrible decision? But there are substantially nicer places for that time of year.
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  5. I guess. Canada is perfectly safe. Still.

  6. Whelp you'll have to ask WWE then.
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  7. Do you have their phone #.
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  8. They're in the book
  9. You can get it at their corporate website.
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  10. People stayed up until 5 am to watch it?

    Hell, I got up at 3:30 to watch it and then went back to bed.


    Isn't Atlanta's new NFL stadium opening in 2017? You could have it in ATL again.

    Personally, I'd consider doing a tour of NCAA major college football stadiums (Columbus, OH; Ann Arbor, MI; Austin, TX; Knoxville, TN, etc.). Most of those seat over 100k for football, so you could have some big ticket sales numbers. College campuses are usually in the middle of towns that would be able to handle the crowds and they have at least a decent chance of having some hot crowds.

    Other than that, I'd look at Soldier Field (Chicago) and Lambeau Field (Green Bay), both of which would be big stadium venues.

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  11. I saw a few complaints. Had no sympathy since it was one time and as a UK fan we have to stay up every single week for Raw (providing we want to watch it live), twice if there's a ppv on.
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  12. Most of the people I know personally who watched it waited until they got up at whatever time they got up to watch it. They thought I was nuts (and so did my wife) for getting up to watch it and not just watching it whenever I got up.

    She doesn't understand my fanhood. :steiner:

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  13. They should come back to Toronto!! Lol its in the eastern time zone. Just like a large chunk of the population in canada/usa.
  14. Lambeau would be hilarious.
  15. You think there would be "Kennedy" chants?

  16. Anderson. Andersonnnnnnnnnnnnn
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