Possible Major Feud for WWE Champion CM Punk Soon

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. WWE has pointed out that "Tensai" means disaster in a new article looking at Lord Tensai's debut Monday night on RAW from Miami.

    Speculation is that Lord Tensai will be feuding with WWE Champion CM Punk after John Laurinaitis told Punk that "natural disasters" were headed his way. Laurinaitis made the comment on RAW Monday night after promising more competition for the WWE Champion.

    When news broke last month of Tensai coming to WWE, first reports were that he would be a "henchmen" for Laurinaitis.

  2. Yay. I cannot wait for that feud! [/sarcasm]
  3. Small guy vs Big guy.. A bit typical imo. But still, let's make the best out of it.
  4. Dear God please no
  5. Oh no. I don't hate Lord Tensai but he has to stay the fuck away from the championships.
  6. Agreed, I don't want WWE to push him this fast. Let him be a good man on the mid-card for a while, then see what the options are.
  7. This is what I really hoped wouldn't happen. Not a huge Tensai fan as it is but a big push straight away I can see really one annoying me and two annoying a lot of other ppl too.
  8. True, give him a role as Umaga had in his WWE time.
    Be a real beast and destroy all your opponents, and then we'll see how it further goes.
  9. It's too soon for him to have a big push.
  10. Yeah indeed, so the idea I gave is a pretty bearable one right?
  11. Yeah totally let him have a few matches round the mid card Umaga style then if the crowd takes and the timing is right give him a push
  12. I guarantee you the audience will care about him as much as they care about Alberto Del Rio.
  13. That's good. Well I prefer his current 'Japanese' gimmick over A-Train.

    This is mysterious, weird and shocking. He really looked kinda Japanese when he took his mask off.
    The manager, the Japanese theme song, the finisher with the spitting. Interesting.
  14. HELL NO! Lord Tensai has only 1 week so for it too early! That should be getting him ready for Brock Leaser! At SummerSlam!
  15. I just hope they make something out of it as I'm kinda with Crayo at the min and see no one caring as I dunno I'm very sceptical about it all. With a slow push maybe it will work but if it's an instant push I don't see it working they will just annoy people with it.
  16. He should be putting over Funkasaurus, not feuding with Punk.
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