Summerslam Possible Match for SummerSlam

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  1. The talk at WWE's Money in the Bank pay-per-view was that World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus may defend at SummerSlam in a three-way against Alberto Del Rio and briefcase holder Dolph Ziggler.

  2. NAH I still said it going to be Undertaker vs. Shumus for the World Title! I think Shumus will win in a hard fight battle and the Figger will cash in his MITB to saddly win the World Title! :sad:
  3. only an idiot would cash in briefcase in a triple threat match
  4. So the MITB holder will have a match for the world title? Very nice. :burns:
  5. Yeah im a Huge Dolph fan tho guys got talent XD
  6. I could.. ashley.. see this happening
  7. I doubt Undertaker is going to face Sheamus at Summerslam, It'll probably be someone boring as fuck like Del Rio or they might end the Del Rio and Sheamus feud and give Rhodes the spotlight? Have Rhodes face Sheamus and lose, Have them feud for a bit then have Ziggler cash in one night randomly.
  8. Taker is returning at the 1,000th Raw so who knows. It will be hilarious if he does because Rammy said like 5 months ago that Taker would feud for the WHC later this year and we all mocked him
  9. Dolph won't actually have a full out match using his briefcase.. He'll way until Sheamus is "K.O.", then casdh it in and win the title.
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