Possible matches for Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 31

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crimson, Dec 28, 2014.

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  1. Some possible matches for Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 31:

    vs. Dean Ambrose (their rivaly isn't done yet)
    vs. Roman Reigns (Rollins cashes in on Cena at Royal Rumble, Reigns wins the Rumble)
    vs. Reigns vs. Ambrose (have Rollins WWE Champion and either Reigns or Ambrose wins the Rumble, the other one puts himself into this match)
    vs. Cena (if Rollins wins, Cena must bring back The Authority, no title on the line)
    vs. Sting (Rollins uses the name "Sting" in half of his promos and if they can't make HHH vs Sting another possibility is Rollins vs Sting)
    vs. Orton (Rollins injured him, Orton is scheduled to return to continue the feud)
  2. I prefer this scenario.

    - Ambrose vs Rollins at Mania. Rollins loses to Ambrose... Which leads to Rollins cashing in on the new champ, possibly Reigns that same night.

    I see Orton vs Rollins at the Rumble and maybe again at Fast Lane, but I doubt they'll go that far with the feud.

    The ex-Shield triple-threat would be good.
    But quite frankly, I don't see WWE letting Cena to conquer The Beast at the Rumble and tie with Flair's 16x WC record, only for Cena to drop the title to Rollins later on. Rollins would have like a 2 month reign before dropping the title to Reigns at Mania. I would absolutely hate that.

    I've said it before and I'll gladly say it again. Little Cena 2.0 can go on and win the Rumble and then let him conquer Bork at Mania, and then let Rollins ruin Reigns' big moment by cashing in on him.
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  3. I heard the WWE officials wants to make Reigns' reign as WWE Champion longer than CM Punk's. So, that's the right moment for Rollins to cash in and not to fail even if his reign will be of 2 months. :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. Here's to hoping they don't let Reigns have his WWE-WHC reign as long as Punk's. He doesn't deserve it (yet).

    Punk was phenomenal on the mic and phenomenal in the ring. Reigns is not. :pity:

    Although, I'd love it if Reigns' title reign was as long as Punk's WWE title reign at SummerSlam 2011. Meaning he'd get cashed on in by Rollins, but this time it'd be at Mania.
  5. Those are all interesting possibilities. I think we're getting him vs Ambrose, maybe him vs Orton, but one that I had never thought about that you mentioned was Seth vs Sting. I actually think this would be better than Sting/HHH or whatever because at least Sting could put over a young dude.
  6. Ambrose vs Rollins is my personal choice. Ambrose would finally get his payback.
    Rollins would then turn water into wine, basically. He'd go on and cash in on Reigns (quite possibly) in the ME, walking out as the new WWE-WHC. There are a lot of scenarios regarding the ME at Mania. But, I'm cool with all of 'em that include Rollins cashing in on the new champ that very night. We'll see how it goes, though.

    Sting/HHH sounds great.

    Sting/Rollins sounds great, too. But I would absolutely hate it if Rollins didn't go over, not shitting on Sting or anything, I just prefer Rollins.
  7. Orton seems like a more likely opponent than Ambrose, but I don't know what else Ambrose would be doing if he isn't fighting Rollins. If they do Ambrose/Rollins, then Orton will likely be booked against Bray Wyatt, but if they decide to go with Orton/Rollins instead, then who does that leave for Ambrose to fight? Lesnar is being saved for Reigns, and no way can they sustain interest in Wyatt/Ambrose long enough to wait till Wrestlemania to blow off the feud for good, especially with them wrestling each other so frequently on TV on top of their PPV bouts. And Ambrose "defending American's honor" against Rusev just seems like a weird thing for his character to do. A spastic character like Dean's doesn't strike me as the best to be waving the flag of Patriotism (nor would putting a dead title like the US Championship back on him do anything to advance his career.)

    Orton vs Rollins makes sense (ignoring my above point about who that leaves for Ambrose): The Authority's former two "chosen ones" going at it, the Future vs The Present, Rollins' first singles match at WM exactly ten years after Orton's first singles match at WM, etc.

    Sting is an interesting choice, but reports say that HHH is pulling for the match with Sting himself, and McMahon is pulling for Sting to wrestle Undertaker instead. Either way, doesn't look like Seth's name is in the billing for that one. Besides, it would leave no one for Hunter to wrestle.

    Seth vs Reigns would be horrible. Not the match itself, but as a marquee Wrestlemania main event it would be. Reigns beating Rollins just wouldn't do as much for him as beating Brock would, and it was only just a few months ago that Reigns/Rollins was booked as a midcard match at Night Of Champions, which they then blew off as a disposable Raw main event a week before instead. Not exactly Mania main event worthy just yet imo.

    Overall, unless someone other than Reigns or Ambrose is chosen to fight Lesnar and they do a Shield triple threat for the briefcase instead, then a singles match with Orton or Ambrose is the safest bet.
  8. My personal choice is Rollins (c) vs. Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns.

    If this match actually takes place I wouldn't even mind if Reigns wins this one.

    I still think that at Royal Rumble is the right moment for Seth Rollins to cash in.
  9. I'm pulling for Ambrose vs Rollins, personally. Ambrose going against Rusev doesn't really make sense, for all the obvious reasons you've stated.

    But where does that leave Orton and Cena, for that matter? Orton vs Wyatt, hmm... That could work, I guess. The word is, they're making Bray Wyatt look as strong as possible in his fights against Ambrose, so that he could be strong for Taker, in case he wants to do WM31.
    Another possible opponent for Orton is Kane. But, let's just not go there. :dawg:

    Cena's prolly gonna face off Rusev... Which is too bad, I'd much rather see Ryback being the first to conquer the Russian crusher, than Cena burying another talent. Oh, well.

    If they don't have anything else relevant for Orton and Cena, they may as well throw them into a Triple-Threat/Fatal 4-Way for the WWE-WHC match. The logic may not be too sound there, but it's WWE after all, so I wouldn't be surprised, to be honest.

    Or... Daniel Bryan makes a surprise return at the Rumble, wins and saves us from a clusterfuck that Reigns vs Lesnar would be.
  10. DAMN! How much I miss Bryan...
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  11. The former Shield triple-threat at Mania could happen, but I doubt it. You're forgetting one man, though - Brock Lesnar.
    If Rollins cashes in on Bork, (that's if Lesnar defeats Cena, which I think he will), Bork could invoke his rematch clause for Mania, 'cause we all know he ain't working Fast Lane or whatever that crap is gonna be called, so Bork would have nothing else relevant to do at Mania (except maybe fighting Orton or Cesaro) and he'd have been added into the WWE-WHC match.
    This could also be the case if Cena defeated Bork and then Rollins would cash in on Cena and then Cena would be in the ME at Mania. And we don't want that.

    There are a ton of scenarios we could discuss, man. All of 'em that include Rollins cashing on the new champ at WM31, are cool with me.
  12. Just a small little reply to this for the current moment, a competitive loss to Brock Lesnar would do SO MUCH MORE for Roman Reigns than a clean win over Lesnar.

    Either way, lets hope Rollins leaves with the belt!
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  13. Reigns vs Lesnar, Seth cashes in after Reigns wins and as he gets the match started Dean comes out and ruins his opportunity and then Seth vs Dean continue for a good two more PPVs I believe that would be, Extreme Rules & Payback if i'm not mistaken.
  14. Hell no.

    I would prolly stop watching if Rollins didn't cash in successfully.
  15. Rollins vs Cena (If Cena wins, The Authority is out). I think this is the match they're gonna do after all.
  16. Daniel Bryan v Rollins.
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  17. This would be my dream match. God make it!
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  18. Unfortunately that would not be a dream match for me personally but hey at least it would be an entertaining match.. or one would assume.
  19. What better way is there to kick off the eventual Rollins face turn? Lol

    Was just thinking about the WM30 card earlier and realized there is a very, very strong possibility of this happening. Other than Rusev (where there's odds to be overcome...) who's an actual compelling opponent for Cena at this point? (Not that it matters in WWE's eyes)

    Still, there's like 5 better options for Rollins than Cena lol
  20. Entertaining? This would be one of the best matches ever if they give him enough time. Former two indy stars, former two ROH champions. Just think about it...
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