Possible new RAW set on 1000th Episode!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. WWE.com have an article looking at the different sets used on RAW since it's inception, teasing that there may be debut a new set at the 1000th episode of Raw on 7/23 when the show expands permanently to three hours.

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  2. we'll just have to wait and see :emoji_grin:
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  3. That's good news. I hope RAW gets rid of all the bright lights and goes back to how the AE setting was; Dark.
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  4. I think it's a little to much, I liked it when it was dark and a big screen with two side mini titatrons and one minitron where they walk out at. I hope it's something like this...and Smackdown should also have a different arena.
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  5. I wonder if they will ever have screens around the sides of the ring instead of the sheet things
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  6. All I ask for is that they differentiate between Raw and Smackdown sets again. Hate how they both look exactly the same.

    Personally would love a massive red sign saying Raw above a big tron, with some sort of a interesting design at the side.
  7. I hope it changes, changes like this are always welcome. But if they do, I don't expect them to go back to darker, less technological sets or anything, they may change the design, but I don't think it'll be a big difference from the HD set we have now. But they do love teasing things that don't happen.
  8. Awesome! I can't stand the new set and hopefully this means that the ppv sets will also start to look a lot better!
  9. Awesome, let's hope they change the ring rope colour too. Not a big change, just something I'd love. Black ropes ftw.
  10. I think Raw should have red ropes and SD blue ones (but I think they already have them). But to be honest, I don't even notice the ring ropes' colors, I think that someone had to tell me the Raw ropes weren't red anymore last year or something like that.
  11. Sounds good to me. Excited for 1,000th RAW.
  12. I hope I'm able to watch it live.
  13. take it back to the raw is war 1999 set... was the best imo
  14. I think that if they do have a new set, it won't be a technological downgrade. It'll still be the HD set with all the trons, but with a different design. But that's just my opinion.
  15. they need put screens instead of an apron!!1
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