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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Aug 27, 2015.

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  1. So what can we expect to see at NOC this year? I'm thinking...

    Rollins vs Sting
    Reigns vs Braun Stownman
    Ambrose vs Luke Harper
    Ziggler vs Rusev (yawn)

    What else?
  2. - Rollins vs Sting is pretty much official.

    - DZ vs Rusev. Yawn, indeed.

    - I take it they'll have another tag match involving Reigns & Ambrose (plus a tag partner) vs Wyatt, Harper and Stowman. I doubt they'll throw Stowman in a PPV singles match right out of the gate, as he's not worked much in NXT (to my knowledge, anyway) and they'll be looking to protect him.

    - The New Day vs PTP vs The Dudley Boyz

    - Cena vs Rollins for the US title

    - Sheamus vs Orton, with MITB briefcase on the line would be sweet.

    - Ryback vs Big Show. (yawn)

    - Nikki vs Charlotte vs Sasha (both Sasha and Charlotte own a victory over Nikki, so they might roll with it)

    That's all I have for now, as it is still early to predict the NOC card.
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  3. Sting vs. Rollins
    Rollins vs. Cena
    Ryback vs. Show
    New Day vs. Dudleys vs. Prime Time Players
    Reigns, Dean, and the Rock vs. Wyatts
    Brock vs. Bella for the Diva's title

    All I got.
  4. Rollins vs. Sting vs. Cena for the WWE-WHC
    Rollins vs. Cesaro for the U.S.
    New Day vs. Dudleyz for the Tag Titles
    Ryback vs. Barrett for the IC
    Neville vs. Stardust
    Nikki vs. Charlotte for the Divas title (I just think they'll push her to the head of the line, although I could see Paige or Sasha here, too)

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  5. - I think it's more likely we get a rematch, Rollins vs Cena for the US title. But I could be wrong, though.

    - Wasn't Barrett written off post-SummerSlam to go film some movie or something?
    Not like it's impossible for him to make it in time for NOC, because they did the exact same thing with Ambrose last year.
    Plus, I'm not sure they'll book face vs face (assuming Barrett is one once he's back), they also need to build up Barrett once again in order for him to be a worthy opponent.
    He's been a clown this year. Shame.

    -Oh, and I'd rather see Neville/Stardust than Amell/Stardust like they've been teasing, tbh.
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  6. Neville vs. Stardust - The Final Encounter
    Would be a great closing chapter to their rivalry.
  7. How about a stip that, if Neville wins, Stardust goes back to being Cody Rhodes?

    I wouldn't care for it as I'm a fan of the Stardust character, but that seems like something they would do.

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  8. That would be a stupid Stip, that's like saying if Lesnar beats Taker - Taker has to become alive.
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  9. :okay:

  10. I'm playing hard ball cuz you ignored my Fantasy League invitation. :dealwithit:
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  11. What Fantasy League invitation?

  12. The WWE Fantasy League invitation...that I forgot to send you..:facepalm1:
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  13. That literally made me lol.

  14. Yes, please! #WeWantCody
  15. Cody Rhodes was the only modern day IC champion who did something with it, other than carry it around in his luggage.
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  16. I REALLY want to see that match. Maybe it could be his retirement match. Lesnar beats him, he come alive and can no longer wrestle.
  17. They show the ashes from the urn rise up, followed by The Undertaker breathing them in. His eyes glow a piercing white, his hair dies out and grows out grey, he's wearing his PJs from two nights before. Uncle Mark - The Latest Inductee to the 2016 Hall of Fame.
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  18. So I got Rollins dropping the US title vs Cena and defeating Sting via shenanigans. Who's with me on that?
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  19. I've said this before, but I'd LOVE it if Rollins retained both the US and the WWE-WHC CLEAN at NOC, and came out on RAW the next night and claimed he's the legend and no one else has been able to do what he did at NOC.

    But, that's just wishful thinking.
  20. I'll blow you if this happens
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