Possible No Way Out card revealed

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, May 23, 2012.

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  1. PWinsider has gotten a hold of the possible no way out card as it is said to look today. Decent card but none of the matches come as a surprise. Should be some good wrestling though.

  2. WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan, possibly with Kane involved somehow

  3. Note the possible before Kane. But just having him possibly involved is bad enough :upset:
  4. It should just be CM Punk vs. Kane! Bryan stand back it the Devil Favorites Demon turn to vs. The Best Wrestler in the World! Not a dam Tripe Treat this BS!

  5. Won't be a triple threat, Kane will interfere.
  6. OH HELL NO!

  7. PWI hasn't gotten their hands on shit. Anyone that has watched WWE lately could have provided this shit.
  8. Rhodes/Christian will be good.
  9. WELL OKAY THEN! :tough:
  10. No matter what happens Cena/Show is going to ruin the show and leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth. WWE needs to smarten up and keep that trash out of the ME.
  11. I want to see another Punk vs Bryan classic, not Kane involved. I like him, but... I don't think he should be involved in this. His use on the storyline so far has been very appropriate for his character and the development of the storyline.
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