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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 29, 2015.

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  1. - Rollins vs Reigns vs Orton - WWE World Heavyweight Championship match (confirmed)

    - Cena vs Rusev - US title - I Quit match (confirmed)

    So, now that two matches have been confirmed, let's speculate away for the others.

    - Sheamus vs DZ

    - Bray Wyatt vs Ryback

    - Sandow vs Axel

    - New Day vs Kisaro

    - DB (if he recovers by then) vs King Barrett

    - Some divas match.

    - Yeah, it's a bit early, so no idea on who the likes of Ambrose and Neville might be facing.
  2. Rollins/Reigns/Orton is going to be a very good main event.. all 3 have worked well with each other in singles matches, the 3 of them together should be excellent.

    Cena/Rusev I Quit match is pretty obvious.. Cena has never lost an I Quit match and he's not starting now.

    Wyatt/Ryback is pretty much confirmed with Wyatt's surprise attack the other night. This match has potential but could go either way, both competitors have had bad matches before.

    I'm thinking Bryan will be stripped if he can't make it back by Payback and an IC title match will be held or maybe an IC Battle Royal, with either Barrett or Neville winning.

    Sheamus/DZ is a definite.

    Tag Titles match between New Day and Cesaro/Kidd w/ New Day retaining so they can move forward with the Lucha Dragons.

    Divas title rematch between Nikki and Naomi w/ Naomi winning the title.

    Sandow/Axel on the kickoff show.. hopefully this will be a one and done so Sandow can move onto a feud that he deserves... I think Sandow vs BNB for the IC title would be pretty cool. I have a feeling that BNB and Neville will be working a long feud though.
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  3. To add a little more to this.. Naomi should win clean but after a distraction from Brie Bella so that the Bella vs Bella feud can get started.. but away from the belt. Naomi should start feuding with Paige. This set up could help the Divas division who, if I remember correctly, have not had 2 feuds going at the same time in a very long time.
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  4. Bray Wyatt vs Ryback - This one is pretty much a guarantee, even if the match hadn't officially been added to the card yet.

    The New Day vs Cesaro & Kidd for the Tag Team Championships - Yeeeaaahhhh. Hopefully they make this one a 2-out-of-3 Falls match and give them twenty minutes to go out there and electrify the crowd.

    Nikki Bella vs Paige vs Naomi for the Diva's Championship - I don't know if this will turn into a triple-threat match for sure since WWE generally (but not always) doesn't like putting two triple-threat matches on the same card. However, it makes sense - Paige has yet to receive a shot at the title that she won a battle royal to earn, Naomi isn't done with the Bellas and is still gunning for the championship (and lost at ER in large part because of Brie's interference), and Naomi was the one who took out Paige and prevented her from getting the title match at Extreme Rules in the first place. So there's a point of contention between all three women.

    Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler - This one's pretty obvious, especially given the name of the PPV is 'Payback.' This may or may not involve having an extra stipulation attached to it.

    Something Involving Barrett And The Vacant Intercontinental Championship - It's probably a safe bet that Daniel Bryan will be stripped of the Intercontinental Title since he isn't advertised for any more shows until late June at the earliest, and since Brock Lesnar is apparently the only superstar allowed to leave with a championship for more than 30 days without defending it, Bryan will likely be forced to vacate the title and a battle royal will probably be held to crown a new champion. Instead of just your usual standard battle royal though, I say add something different to it by lifting the same idea they used when they resurrected the title back at Judgment Day 2003 - make it so that only former Intercontinental Champions are allowed to enter the battle royal except for one exception. Back then, that exception was Booker T. (which is fitting, considering he does commentary now and can give us a little history lesson in this regard.) Here, the exception could be Neville. That could get you a good battle royal between guys like Barrett, Neville, R-Truth, Stardust, Axel, Kofi, Big E, and Ziggler. Then again, this leaves people like Bo Dallas, Damien Sandow, Luke Harper, Eric Rowan, Xavier Woods and maybe even Dean Ambrose out in the cold doing nothing when they could easily add some more meat to the match, so perhaps a standard battle royal would be better, but it's an idea.

    Dean Ambrose vs Big Show - I don't know how likely this one is, but neither guy doesn't seem to have anything else to do (except for the IC Title battle royal, of course), and given that the Smackdown main event for tomorrow night is Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins (and that can't be construed as spoilers on my part since I'm not giving away the actual results of the match), perhaps it's a sign that they're about to revisit Ambrose's feud with The Authority soon.

    Add in the triple-threat WWE Championship match and the I Quit match for the United States Championship, and you have a pretty damn good card!
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  5. I'd watch *any* Seth Rollins match as long as his two 'goons' and other members of the Authority were forced to sit in the parking lot during match time. Imagine..Seth Rollins - fighting **alone.** gee, that means he'd have to really *fight* this time..
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  6. Yeah, but a heel corporate champion is never alone. lol

  7. Well.. maybe **this time** he can be?
  8. But...that would take all the fun out of it.

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  9. Not likely to happen.
  10. Automated Response: **Suggestion has been denied**
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  12. Well, at least *my* photo doesn't look like a technicolor '60s' throwback<g.> It amazedme that last Thursday even though Kane "Banned' Abbot & Costello from being in the ring, they *managed* to get in there. New rule: Ref gets to carry a machette and anyone that tries to get into the ring *or* back talk the Ref gets skewered. Yeeeeee Hahhhhhh !
  13. PS: "New Day" will be taking a break from 'rasslin while they go to have gender-reassignment surgery, to be followed by the Bella Twins(whom are about to loose those Dow Corning plastic stock papers.)
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  15. Abbot & Costello references? How old are you, bro?
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  16. "Old Enough" to have watched the ***1st*** WrestleMannia live on PPV, and a bit before than as well <W>
  17. But not old enough for his skull to have completely hardened, as evidenced by his cavalcade of increasingly stupider posts every time he signs on.
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