News Possible plans for Cena, Hogan and Piper at WMXXX

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Jan 2, 2014.

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    All sounds terrible. If WWE really want to use Hogan then have him host the event or something. Good to see The Real Americans being involved, though.
  2. Hahahahah. Cena and Hogan squashing Real Americans, that's shit. Especially for Wrestlemania.
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  3. If Real Americans get a rub from this, fine by me, but please.....PLEASE no Hogan vs. Piper.
  4. Cena and Hogan squashing The Real Americans is a really underwhelming way of using them as a team lol. I really like the Hogan/Piper pairing though since it makes the event feel historical and gives it a connection to the very first Wrestlemania (which, I'm sure as everyone knows, was based around the Hogan/Piper rivalry.) Definitely not a "Battle of The Senior Citizens" type of match with each other, though.

    If a Cena/Wyatt feud really is in the plans though, then why not Cena/Hogan against the entire Wyatt Family in a handicap match? Cena/Wyatt in a singles match can happen at Elimination Chamber to set up the match (Wyatt goes over Cena, which leads to Cena enlisting Hogan as his partner to help him go up against the entire Family at Mania.) I know this might throw a wrench into Bryan's own feud with the Family as he and Bray will probably have their singles match with one another at EC but I'm just tossing out ideas.
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  5. If Lesnar really is intent on going after the title then Cena will main-event against Undertaker IMO. Wyatt will face Bryan for sure.
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