Possible reason for fluctuating push for Tensai

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, May 23, 2012.

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  1. More reasons for the fluctuating push of Matt Bloom aka Tensai has appeared on the internet. These are just rumours and should be treated as such until proven correct but I see the logic in them and thus the thread.

    Apparently WWE have received large amounts of angry response and flack from Japanese fans because of his name, not the gimmick the like it it's the name that's the problem. The word Tensai is natural disaster in Japanese. A subject still sore to many Japanese after the earthquake last year that killed nearly 15 000 people. This is apparently also the reason for Yoshi Tatsu reportedly petitioning for a Japanese styled shoot fight with Bloom despite already loosing to him in a match. As a result creative does not know what to do with Tensai until the situation with the Japanese fans are resolved. Bloom whose lived and worked in Japan for almost eight years might also be a factor here.

    As stated this is just rumours and musings but there is some logic in them.

  2. Well, they seem to have changed his ring name from "Lord Tensai" to simply "Tensai", but I don't think that helps.
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