Possible replacements for Marine: Homefront lead role

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Apr 5, 2012.

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    I know some of you may not care but what do you think? I personally think neither one of them fits the role to be honest.
  2. JTG's still hired by WWE? All joking aside I'd much rather see Kofi get it then but I'd also rather see Kofi actually get a push in the ring instead of disappearing to shoot a movie.
  3. I hope they don't put JTG.
  4. Kofi will have to cut his hair
  5. Won't happen.
  6. Hornswoggle.
  7. Not trying to piss people off but how does WWE go from Randy Orton a White Guy to Kofi and or JTG Both Black Guy? I like then both there are great and I sore do well in the movie since will not push then top to anywere in WWE but I just think it serang that WWE when from a White guy that a main event to 2 Black guy that are both mid card?
  8. What does race have to do with anything?
  9. You racist bastard!! How dare you!!!!


  10. WHY! STFU I said how do we go for main eventer 2 mid card! And I have Black so STFU! I was racist I was wonder WWE when that way and a guy who is main event!
  11. You 'have' black. wtf is this
  12. ..... I'm gonna need a translator for that. No offence Randy.
  13. NOTHING! I like both JTG and Koif that are great star I wish that would push to the WWE Title Koif! And give JTG move ring time! I was just wonder why WWE when for a guy like Orton to mid card and if that going Black Guy know instade of a White don't that half to change the scite of what that were writing?


    I just want to know why would pick Orton to just change a different guy. It the moive was sopost to have a white in the moive then change to a black guy now that have to re write the scite b/c the moive if different. and I want to know why Vince would go from a guy like Orton to a mid card? I don't vince is thinking here but whatever?
  14. Long story short: Randy was dropped from the movie because he actually was a marine at one point, but went AWOL (As in he ran away) cause he didn't want to do it anymore and was then sent to prison. When they revealed Randy as the next marine real marines became angry.

    Kofi and JTG are both charismatic guys with decent acting skills and I guess that is why they were chosen as possible replacements. That and the fact that WWE might think it's time to diversify it's movie stars considering all of them so far I think have been white.

    Better now? :pity:
  15. Yes I how if that pick Kofi for moive that this would FINALLY give him the WWE or WORLD PUSH he so rightful deseave!
  16. Then how come Ted Dibiase isn't a world champ by now? He was the last marine...
  17. I think we are all wondering this. Come on WWE, push Ted dammit!
  18. To be honest I'm a Dibiase mark. He has way better ring skills then people give him credit for and he's built a solid push with the whole Dibiase Posse angle. I hope that he spends his injury leave working on his mic work which has been his one downside.

    I was honestly expecting a lengthy feud between him and Cody when Ted turned face.

  19. Dunno about u guys but I read "I was racist" in this quote!!

  20. Ted is as entertaining as cheese.

    God I hope JTG isn't the guy, he needs to leave WWE. Kingston, could be cool.
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