Possible Retirement?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by DK James, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. Crayo is gonna' be devastated.
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  2. If that turns out to be the case, Crayo better have a box of Kleenex with him and ready for use tomorrow night. And not in a good way.
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  3. I'd hate to see him go. I've found him interesting, particularly his work in the ring. Hopefully this isn't the case and he sticks around a while longer.
  4. He definitely is one of the nicest guys outside the ring, so if this is good for him, I support it all the way.
  5. Figures, he's finally over as fuck after the hall of pain gimmick and has to retire. :damn:
  6. It's for the better. I'm sure his body is beaten the fuck up, and it's not like WWE was ever going to give him a huge WWE title run or anything.

  7. He's been talking about retirement for a couple of years now so it's no big surprise. I would say maybe he can turn back baby face one last time on his way by inducting a heel into the Hall of Pain (not in a "one last baby face run" kind of way, more in a "Andre attacking Heenan after being slapped at Wrestlemania 6 and pretty much closing out his in-ring career that very night as a face" kind of way) but I'd rather he went out as a heel. Hopefully he gets a big angle with Cena on his way out.
  8. Such a shame this has to happen at the best stage of his career so far. :sad:
  9. It's for the best sadly. That big sexy beast is sadly to injury prone. I figure one last run/last match, maybe at Summerslam and that's it for Henry. Maybe we'll go into the 2014 Hall of Fame what do I know.
  10. If he isn't retiring, would it make sense for him to come back so early? I mean he only left last month, didn't he?
  11. its looking more likily i hope he goes out in style and destroys everyone
  12. [​IMG]
    Yep, just saw this. It's confirmed.
  13. I'll miss Henry. He had a lot to prove... WWE should give him one last push
  14. He trolled us well, but as soon as I saw him come out with Cena still in the ring, I knew it was an angle
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  15. Dammit I literally was beginning to get emotional then it happened. Oh well, it was great.
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