News Possible Return at Sunday’s Survivor Series Event

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Nov 16, 2017.

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  1. Bryan Alvarez discussed Paige’s status on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Live and speculated that Paige could possibly be the fifth member on the Women’s SmackDown Team at this Sunday’s Survivor Series event.

    Alvarez mentioned Paige was scheduled at one point to be part of the RAW Women’s Team and WWE brought her in this past Monday. The company ended up changing plans before the show and Paige was no longer factored into the RAW Women’s Team. Alvarez speculated that open spot on the SmackDown Women’s team could be for Paige.

    Regarding the photo of her with Alicia Fox that was posted prior to RAW, Alvarez mentioned that the photo was actually taken days before it surfaced on Instagram.

    Editors note: It’s very possible that creative changed their plans for Paige’s return after they decided they were going to put the SmackDown Women’s Championship on Charlotte. It seems very unlikely that WWE would nix Paige’s return on RAW over a photo that was taken days prior to it surfacing online.

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  3. Good job, Brian Alvarez. I think most of us came to that conclusion Monday when Raw went off.
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  4. Look...either way...just get Paige back on TV!

    Both RAW & SmackDown could use some new/returning faces
    to help create some excitement in their respective divisions.

    Especially considering Asuka is stuck wrestling jobbers instead
    of kicking Alexa in the face and winning the title straight away &
    the heels on the SmackDown (besides Nattie) are either boring
    or an unfunny joke.
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