Royal Rumble Possible Royal Rumble match card

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 24, 2015.

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  1. - Charlotte vs Becky Lynch for the Butterfly Divas title. Charlotte retains.

    - Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler for the IC title. Ambrose retains!
    They could have Ziggler not compete in the match, but I guess they'll be looking to protect KO, so it'll prolly end up being a triple-threat (despite this match happening on this week's SmackDown), which is fine by me.

    - The New Day vs The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championships.
    Have The New Day retain via shenanigans or simply end the match via DQ. I don't give a toss, as long as The New Day remain champions...
    Or the tag title match could end up being left off the card, considering the fact that The New Day's faced almost every tag team on the roster.

    - The Wyatt Family vs The Dudley Boyz (+2 random dudes) will keep happening, I guess. :quimby:
    Although I'd prefer if it didn't.

    - Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena for the US championship.
    Cena returns to TV next Monday on RAW and he will be facing ADR, but not for the US title.
    I reckon The League of Nations will get involved and then Reigns & Co. will get involved, as well, setting up our main event. Ultimately, I think Cena will invoke his rematch clause, and I can definitely see Cena winning at the Rumble. Cena holding the US title during Mania season is good for business and come WM 32, I guess he could wind up facing some of the NXT talent. i.e. Joe, Corbin, Bálor or Zayn.

    - Roman Reigns vs Sheamus for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Reigns retains, of course!
    Or they could be gunning for Reigns vs HHH happening at the Rumble instead of WM 32. But I doubt it.
    Anyhow, I think Sheamus will most likely invoke his rematch clause and his stablemates will be banned from ringside, which would allow Reigns to kick Sheamo's arse and retain. That being said, the Roman Empire is set for his big title run, in which he will dominate next year, for sure. It's a-okay, he's earned it.

    - The 30-Man Royal Rumble match. Duh!
    I seriously doubt they'll have Reigns defend the title in the Rumble match itself...
    So, I guess Lesnar, a returning DB (wishful thinking) or HHH will get the win here. Whatever they decide to do (as far as these 3 scenarios go) will be perfectly fine by me.
  2. Looks about right. Rematch, rematch, rematch all around.

    Still excited for the rumble tho
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  3. I like everything you hate, and scoffed at the stuff like "he's earned it!" Or Cena winning vs ADR is going to lead to a big NXT opportunity. IF Cena wins (which I sincerely doubt tbh) he will still be facing someone in the last 2-3 matches at WM, and the opponent will be an ESTABLISHED star, bet on that.
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  4. Yeah, but it's a Cena feud. He lost a match to ADR so now he has to win at least 3 matches to make it fair. Usually a valid criticism but maybe he can knock Dorito back to Lucha Underground.

    Cena vs Reigns main events this year, calling it now.

    Almost agree with your card, except with the eight-man tag not happening again and possibly no tag or IC title match. Expecting 4 matches plus a Rumble, wish they could do two women's matches though. Meh, but still go Becky.
  5. I like the rumble even if all the other PPV matches suck. It is the one time of year WWE can get away with surprising us with little effort.
  6. Hey, I'm just discussing possible scenarios. Nothing's set in stone... Yet.

    If Cena doesn't defeat Berto and face some of the NXT talent at WM 32, which is fine by me, then I could see him facing Taker.
  7. - LOL, true. If he loses to Berto, then him along with everyone in the League of Nation is royally fucked. Cena's gonna be beating 'em all year.

    - If they don't face each other this year, WM 33 is probably where the whole passing of the torch deal can happen with :supercena: and :reigns:

    - As far as the 8-man tag happening, I put it on the list for the lolz. I don't want it to happen. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if the tag match and hell, even the IC title match were left off the card.
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  8. Because they aren't fucked already? :haha:

    Think about it. The LoN/League of Jobbers/Midcard Mafia (because this feels like a faction ripped straight from TNA) has one purpose... to make Roman look strong... And with the help of Triple H and Vince, that strategy's actually working for a change!!!

    And what's the alternative, try to get us to actually buy into Sheamus as a top heel? LOL. His performances have been fine lately but that is SO not happening. Del Rio and King Nothing shouldn't be looking strong over anyone (nothing against Barrett, Brits, just his booking) and while I like Rusev a lot, many people don't care, and this is somehow better than whatever else he'd be doing lol.
    Don't really see the appeal of making these guys look strong tbh, hell apparently they beat up 4 dudes on Raw - including the Usos - and nobody gave a single shit lol.

    But Roman's at his most over since the Shield days, so mission accomplished.

    Thing is, you're walking a dangerous line there...

    Actually no, Roman vs Triple H has to happen at Mania, but then you can't have Roman lose the title but don't want Triple challenging for it okay maybe that makes some sense but... This is the weirdest Mania card to predict, lol
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  9. Touche. :lol1:

    Now, to answer the last part of your post... I think we may actually see Reigns vs Trips at the Rumble and Reigns vs Lesnar at Mania. It's a safer bet to have Reigns/Trips at the Rumble, since the event's being held in Roman's home state of Florida. He can't be booed there, right?

    While on the other hand, if you have Reigns/Trips at Mania, then you face the possibility of Reigns getting booed once again because of all of HHH's (s)marks at the show.
  10. And Lesnar marks booing him somehow won't be an issue? A guy that's over with smarks AND casuals?

    Reigns is facing possible backlash from a smark-invested crowd like Wrestlemania one way or the other. The only person aside from HHH that he'd have any hope of being cheered against the most is John Cena... That is, assuming the crowd didn't just bury both guys.
  11. Shit, I ain't even thought of him getting booed against Lesnar. I just figured the crowd would be in a friendly mood like "Yo, these two had a great match last year, so let's cheer 'em both!"

    I think him facing Cena at WM is the safest bet. No way they would boo someone defeating Cena clean, right?
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