Possible Rumble Layout

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  1. Can the Rock go for a half hour?
  2. I want photo of this...I not believe until photo in my face.

    Bad English, don't care.
  3. They didn't have a picture, we'll see on Sunday if it's accurate or not.
  4. Next Sunday, Rumble is on the 27.
  5. If that is accurate information, then it's possible. It says, "These times include intros, the match itself and post-match happenings." So based on that, I would say it could probably last 30 minutes.
  6. I'll certainly watch the rumble, I'm actually pulling for Rhodes scholars too
  7. Not sure if legit or not, but still, does sound like what I'd expect from the show, at least. Let's hope Rock did some cardio since WM.
  8. I think he went just about that long for Wrestlemania, but that wasn't his greatest match ever, then again he was working with Cena who didn't look so hot that night either. Punk has had some good PPV matches, aside from the one at HIAC (Ryback's Fault). I'm predicting this to be twice as better than Cena
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