Possible savior of the WWE?

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  1. I thought of the perfect scenario for the night after Elimination Chamber. One man can put all of WWE over and make the ratings sky rocket. Here is the scenario!
    • Lesnar wins the WWE WHC at Elimination Chamber.
    • Orton, Lesnar, Heyman, and Batista get into the ring.
    • Orton cries about losing and wants his rematch but wants a stipulation.
    • Heyman tells Orton that he doesn't deserve it.
    • Batista randomly says "I want that title, Lesnar"
    • Lesnar screams.
    • Orton grabs his head like he has a headache and gets in Batista's face
    • Everyone starts yelling and screaming
    • Lesnar is screaming
    • Batista is shaking the ropes
    • Orton is being a viper and smacking the ring with his forearms
    • All of a sudden....

    • Bo Dallas FUCKING comes out!
    • He's riding a fucking motorcycle! [​IMG]
    • He drives it into the ring and starts whooping ass!
    • Bo Dallas vs. Batista vs. Lesnar vs. Orton for the WWE WHC
    • Bo wins in 17 seconds.

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  2. I would blow my head off if Bo Dallas ever holds that belt within the next 3 years.
  3. Why do you hate Bo? He's pretty good to be honest. His NXT work is amazing. His gimmick is amazing. I'm pretty sure he's apart of the Illuminati somehow.
  4. BO-LIEVE [​IMG]
  5. I don't hate Bo, I'm simply not a Boliever fellow Bromigo :emoji_slight_smile:
    I just don't want him holding that belt within the next 3 years. IC belt sure, Tag Team Cool, just not that belt.
  6. You need to watch his recent NXT promos, his gimmick is literally to be a troll. It's amazing.
  7. I'm always up to date on NXT, every wednesday night I watch it on Hulu haha :emoji_slight_smile: I get what his gimmick is, and I think he'll be successful but they have so much talent they need to do something with between now 3 years from now.
  8. I'm currently waiting for that moment where Cena, Orton, and everyone from any era before now just disappear and we see like SHIELD and everyone on top.
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  9. Hmm I think we'll be waiting a few more years. Orton is younger than Curtis Axel and Cena is only 36. So long as they don't get severely injured they should be around for a good bit haha. I think eventually they will become less of competitors for the titles but they will still be around.
  10. I know, I honestly don't know how the WWE will be when Cena stops wrestling. It's gonna feel really weird but it's gonna be exciting.
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  11. I'm not a Cena Hater or Fan but during his time off recently for that tricep surgery it didn't really seem like anyone cared too much hehe, I think people like Big E, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, Cody Rhodes will be around to carry the WWE further into our lifetime after Cena goes, and your guy Bo.. Neville will be added too he'll replenish the high flyers. Corey Graves is a scrappy one too.. etc a couple other names ther as well
  12. I see Graves pulling an Edge-like career.
  13. killer arm drags
  14. I love Graves myself, but saying he'll have an Edge like career is a bit of a bold statement. Maybe a main title once or twice, but nothing overly-great.
  15. Bray is years a head of him in skill but I can see him holding some belts, not sure on the main one though.
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