Possible spoiler about Punk tonight?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by GrammarNazi82, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Not sure that this would classify as a spoiler, but just in case.

    CM Punk just tweeted:

    With a link to the following pic:
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    I wonder if this is an indication of what to expect tonight?
  2. If not that is a hell of a lot of wasted makeup time.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Plus it does seem like a new pic, not some old one.

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    Reminds me of his ROH promo about being the devil, so really has me curious what we're in store for tonight.
  4. Might have just been a joke or something. I expect him to attack Cena out of anger or something though. Would add some heat, and he'll most likely get mic time after that, that is if he doesn't get mic time at the beginning of the show.
  5. The greatest thing the devil ever did was make you people think he didn't exist.
  6. :haha: Bitch please, that devil paint stuff is no match for my tag team partner:
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  7. Stole my post.

    Anyway, anyone else think for a second he had Dolph's hair?
  8. THOR!!


    It really does look quite a bit like it in that pic. lol
  9. Fixed!
    You're welcome :sandow:
  10. Or some type of photo shoot perhaps? Hell, for that matter, Halloween will be here before you know it, so they could plan to use it in a promo for that. No telling at this point, but it piqued my interest.
  11. Please drop a pipebomb tonight Punky.
  12. :okay:
  13. Seems to early for Halloween, it's a couple of months away, I doubt he would release the picture that early. And it might be a photo shoot, but I don't see them using it for a promo though.
  14. Good point.

    Also, he just tweeted the following photo via his usual style of, "San Antonio! Let's go!" of him signing pics for tonight's event:

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  15. He should wrestle with it, drop the botch T S and just headbutt all those fuckers.
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  16. Now THAT would make for interesting TV. WWE Creative needs to get after it.
  17. /me knows you are lurking Mainstream
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  18. The devil is coming back! :yay:
  19. *reads this post; mentally hears in Punk's voice, "And I'm coming for YOU, John Cena!"*
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