Elimination Chamber Possible Spoiler for EC

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. Khali? :meh:
  2. They ran "impress the GM" style matches, kind of like qualifiers without calling them. Booker said they had to impress him to get in the chamber.
  3. How the hell does Khali impress anyone. Did he get to the ring in under 6 minutes?
  4. By beating Mahal apparently. Nothing is confirmed on if the guys will all be part of the chamber though. I guess it will play out with confirmations over the build up.
  5. Khali? Really?

    There goes my interest in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber out the damn window...
  6. Khali wouldnt surprise me they like the big men in the EC. Sucks but not a surprise if it is.
  7. Swagger & Khali kill any enthusiasm I had for that match. It's not even like with Santino last year, where the crowd & story-telling can save it and make it something memorable (hate Santino, but the crowd's reaction every time he kicked out or almost won was incredible - made it very fun to watch).
  8. So.. Hell no not losing the titles? Dbry vs Kane for WM! Orton turning heel? Khali winning the title?
  9. Now some one please explain this to me...

    We have a PPV called Elimination Chamber, in which both world title matches will be contested in singles matches, and not a title match contested inside the chamber.

    Great job WWE :FACEPALM:
  10. Not surprised with Khali tbh. He was in last year, as long as he doesn't participate much (since he's not even physically able to) he won't ruin it except for taking the spot of someone possibly entertaining. Well, until I see the actual line-up I won't criticize WWE or anything.
  11. This.
  12. Huh where was it said they'd be in the Chamber? We had a TLC PPV and no title match was in a TLC match, and what about MITB always having title matches which don't involve the briefcase?
  13. I wouldn't compare the EC with TLC & MITB, MITB was always meant to be a non title match. lol

    EC on the other hand has a rich history of world title matches, making 2 matches in one night and neither of them as a world title match is stupid imo.
  14. So their won't be a tag team title defense? Or will db & kane work two matches? Hopefully the latter! That'd be fun
  15. Indian market must be suffering, bring in the large dancing buffoon.
  16. Must've ticked you off big time when 2008's No Way Out did the exact same thing.

    To be honest, I prefer 08's method of the having the Chamber matches be number one contender's instead of championship matches; since the context of the match has changed since they made it yearly anyway. For one, it puts a greater focus on WrestleMania, which I think should be their focus during the Road To WrestleMania. What I mean is, if the World Championship is on the line in the chamber match, then the focus will naturally be on the Championship more so than the winner goes to Mania. If it's a number one contender match, the focus is entirely on Mania. It's the last chance for those who failed to succeed at the Rumble, it's their last chance to earn the shot at their dream of having a World title match at Mania. It's also a hard fought victory and they'll come out as an immediate threat to the champion, which isn't entirely true for most of their alternatives if the go the championship route. What's going to do more for the challenger, winning an Elimination Chamber or winning a singles number one contender's match on Smackdown? Sure, their are other ways to do it, but you get my point.

    Also, I don't think their willll be two chamber matches. Their is no reason to have any more than the Smackdown one. The number one contender for the WWE title has been decided, Punk's getting his singles re-match against The Rock (which I'm not thrilled with, Rock should've at least defended his title in a Chambe), and there is no reason for The Shield to have their match in the chamber (heard people talking about that). You can argue that WWE always had two Chambers in the previous PPV's, however WWE also always had at least two Hell In A Cell matches at Hell In A Cell but this year only had one.
  17. WOW Totally forgot about NWO 2008 LOL.
    But still, that PPV had HBK, HHH, Jeff Hardy, Undertaker & Batista in the chambers.

    Look at this year's EC, still no comparison.
  18. What about the shield vs ryback , cena and Miz (or another guy) inside the chamber ?
    No title. Just like a normal chamer match , the team who have /has the last guy/guys wins .
  19. Totally agree there, I already posted my thoughts on this year's "supposed" line-up, but I was debating that. I was just pointing out that not having a Championship on the line in one of them isn't anything new or bad, I'd even say it's better.
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