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  1. So, to avoid any angry messages (although it's unlikely) I put the title like that. Anyway.

    ADR as the World Champ guys. We heard it's because they want a new Latino star to get an audience from that demographic. But how is his reign going to go? How long is it going to last and who'll he feud with after Show? Who'll he drop the title to? Will he have some sort of character change? Discuss.
  2. Well, Dolph has until July to cash in, so I definitely can't see Del Rio's reign reaching July. I'm definitely thinking Dolph Ziggler will be cashing in on Del Rio, but I'm not exactly sure when that will happen. I'd love to see Dolph cash in at Mania, since that's never been done before, and I could see WWE doing that though it may not be the most likely option (someone who's watching would have a better grasp on that then I would). However, because I like the idea and it doesn't sound outside the realm of possibility, I'm going with Dolph cashing in successfully on Del Rio at WrestleMania.

    As for who Del Rio will face at WrestleMania, well assuming all the dirt sheets I've read are true (Orton vs. Sheamus, them souring on Cara, the aforementioned latino one), then perhaps Rey Mysterio? Actually, due to the numerous times that happened, I don't see that happening (nor would I want it too), perhaps Rey vs. Del Rio vs. Cara? Not that I want to see that but honestly I can't think of any heel on the Smackdown roster that would work. The best I can come up with is Wade Barrett, and I'm more against that idea than the latino triple threat. Thinking about it now, when are Mark Henry & Christian returning? Either of those two could fit the bill. Especially Mark Henry, going by the fact I want Dolph cashing in after the match. Definitely don't want to see Del Rio/Henry, but Henry can definitely make it an opportune moment despite losing.

    Not the best ideas I ever rattled off the top of my head, but definitely the only ones I can come up with that I'd think would work.
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  3. I'm really hoping Del Rio can make wonders of this opportunity in the spotlight, so far he's been pretty good as a face, already better than his repetitive heel character. I expect Del Rio to be one of the top guys in that WHC picture provided that Sheamus starts gunning for the WWE title or turns heel.

    I'm expecting Del Rio to have a rivalry with Show all the way up until Wrestlemania and I think right after that match they'll let Ziggler cash in. No greater way to put someone over than to have him win a title at Wrestlemania and I think WWE realizes that Dolph Ziggler will be a top guy in their business, so he'll get that honor of being the first mania cash in.
  4. Whilst he has been better as a face, it's not the biggest compliment to give when his heel run was so badly booked. I'm not on board with his face character yet, they need to change him completely, repackage him. He's so talented and can be so entertaining but WWE just seem to destroy any chances of him getting over.

    I just hope this is a transitional reign so Dolph can cash in, then Del Rio can go get repackaged.
  5. Indeed, Ziggler cashing in on ADR at WM sounds about right.
  6. They turned ADR for two reasons imo..

    Feud with heel Orton. :gusta: God yes..


    Feud with Ziggler after he SUCCESFULLY cashes in.
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