Possible Sting/Hogan feud?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Extraterrestrial, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Uh so yeah..
    Remember how Sting was the one who pushed Hogan into trusting Bully and whatnot?
    Well now that Bully's turned, do you think there will a feud/beef between these two? :mad2: :hogan:
  2. :nope: Hogan needs Sting on TNA's side to battle A&8's. Expect Sting to pass the bat to AJ when the time comes.
  3. inb4 Hulk is in A8s :pity2:

    edit: now that I think about it, he has been bashing Dixie quite a bit as of late.. :shock:
  4. Hulk is the higher power, he'll win the title then prove its all part of the brother plot.
  5. I've been saying that for weeks!
  6. And Brooke will be the Stephanie.
  7. U WANT A REAL HOGAN/STING FEUD!? Go to back to 1997! :pipebomb:
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  8. Gohan dropping knowledge bombs like no tomorrow here, such a shame their starrcarde match blew beyond reason.
  9. Go away Gohan. You're still sleeping.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. OH HELL NO!
  12. Not again. Seriously, do any of us want to see this two battle it out all over again?

    I mean, damn, I don't want to see a guy who can barely walk after his hip surgery (Hogan), take on a guy that has no relevance in TNA anymore (Sting).
  13. LOlwut

    Not happening. And please stop even thinking about it. :facepalm:

    Sting is face and HH is face. Case closed. They WON'T turn. Simple.
  14. The finish was attrocious and the match itself was slow and a typical Hogan match but the entrances were fly as fuck. Best setting for a match ever
  15. That Starrcade 1997 match still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Even Sting's entrance was disappointing. After a year of coming down from the rafters, he just simply walks out with no special entrance or anything (the arena going dark isn't much.) Hell, he even zip lined to the ring a week before Starrcade. The match itself was slow and boring and had the biggest botch in wrestling history.
  16. The match itself was average but did suffer from quite possibly the most pointless restart ever, ref fucks up a fast count, Hogan wins out comes Bret and restarts it... Why could he even do that? Also Hogan tapping should have been a huge moment but even that felt Meh. I'm sure it was better to the people who watched it live though. Although I loved his entrance, especially the kid quoting throughout it, one of my all time favourites if I'm honest.
  17. Really don't want to see it again.
  18. It was Hogan politics at its best lmao.
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