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  1. Don't know how I feel about this. I have no doubt DB can pull off an iron man match cause I've seen him do it. Orton on the other hand, :idk:
  2. Orton Vs Cena Iron Man Match was okay-good. But Bryan Vs Orton ehhhh, Just doesn't seem that exciting.
  3. I can see people asking for their money back...again
  4. Heck, as long as there is *no* interference, and the Ref is someone "OK'd" by Triple H, I'd watch it. Unless it's PPV, then it's Football time!(American football, not soccer.)
  5. :facepalm:

    The only match with this current roster that deserves the Iron Man match stipulation is Daniel Bryan versus CM Punk. It's a perfect fit for those two since they more than anyone else could put on the best match possible within a one hour time limit and the fact that they're already the top two baby faces of the company, so it's practically inevitable that they'll meet again at some point down the road. It also makes since in that Punk calls himself the best in the world and Bryan says he's the best wrestler in the world and they could even have Bryan bring up that he once referred to himself by Punk's current moniker (generic as it is) in ROH, the place where they both came from.

    Bryan/Orton is such an odd choice to waste the Iron Man match stip on. I know them going at it for an hour plays into their "battle for supremacy in proving they both deserve to be THE face of the company" and I know they want a special stipulation for the main event of Battleground to give the PPV an extra selling point (since with it being a "new" PPV by name, they want more people to buy it than the usual PPV that's fitted into that B-time slot) but this just isn't it.
  6. I hope it doesn't go any further than just talk. I wouldn't be at all interested in seeing Orton in an Iron Man match. DB would be fine, but I just wouldn't care to watch Orton try to pull that off.
  7. Referring to what KL said and going off-topic, I think Bryan v Punk for the WWE title at WM30 is very likely. It would be billed as the best wrestler and current WWE champ, whose just beaten the corporation against the best in the world and royal rumble winner, whose just beaten Heyman. Would be very marketable.
  8. Well, it's a good one to get a dirty finish. I'd save it up, but if they want to do it, fine.
  9. I.. Only know... One thing... And that... Is... Eh, I can't do this. Randy you sound like a robot and Bender from Futurama would be a better match up for Daniel Bryan. YOU BORE ME! RANDY BORE-TON! I hope this thing comes from this... Punk vs Daniel Bryan.
  10. Do people even want to see an Ironman match anymore? Going into a show thinking "I'm gonna see a match last a whole hour" is pretty intimidating. They can do it, the Orton/Cena Ironman match was well worked but still sucked since there was so much stalling trying to draaaaaaagggggggg the match out to last a whole hour.

    Doesn't suit the story either. Would much prefer to see a hardcore stipulation to suit the "aggressive Randy Orton"
  11. Whoever said it was gonna be an hour? It could just as well be 30 minutes.
  12. How long was the last one on PPV?
  13. Why are people sleeping on Orton like he's some rookie? He can outwork 92.345% of the current male roster.
  14. I was not watching wrestling back then. But I don't think WWE would go for a 60 minute one. When Shawn Michaels did a lot of iron man matches in his hayday I know that they were either 15 or 30 minutes.
  15. Also this. Orton could very comfortably fill out an iron man match. Especially as a heel. He's a master at working as one.
  16. This will probably be a good match. Don't care about the mic work, the dude can work in the ring well.
  17. Ahh, alrighty. Looking into it the last one was Cena/Orton. Thought there was another 30 minute one on Raw or something, but Wiki says otherwise.
    A 30 minute Bryan/Orton Ironman would be fantastic.
  18. Alot he rocked a few on the HS with the rockers but he didn't too many I know of. Also there's been like 4 on PPV (3 hour ones- Bret / HBK, Rock / HHH and Cena / Orton with Benoit and Angle rocking an Ultimate submission thing at some point for 30 odd if you want to count that shit on a friday night)

  19. For me it's just because I'm not an Orton fan. So I don't care to see him in an Iron Man match against Bryan.
  20. Why doubt Orton's ability? He's an incredible wrestler.
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