Possible Storyline For Miz

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 14, 2013.

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  2. Well...creating an entire character with a name just to feud with Miz?!
    Is it worth it? lol
  3. Seems intriguing.

    I think of Kane around when See No Evil came out.
  4. Well it's a bizarre concept of nothing else
  5. LOL, think WWE doesn't know what to do now, they look for new stupid heels because almost all the roster is face people and they don't change anyone... Look, the "small" champions are heel while the "big" champions are face. Isn't so strange that WWE makes this to get more audience
  6. Saw this thread
    Thought about a car , bomb and a murdered.
    Read the thread
  7. Are you talking about size or title? Because Antonio Cesaro is a big freaking man.
  8. About the title. Also Barret is a big man.
  9. Vader's son?

    Already marking out.
  10. Okay in ring. I need to see more on him before making a final verdict (he is trained by his dad though, over in Japan). I also need to hear him speak more.
  11. That's not a champ :downer:
  12. Ok, lets book him as "a man with a title belt"
  13. Wouldn't be good for Jake. Bringing him up early without a decent character just to feud with Miz? Sounds like a bad idea.
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