Summerslam Possible 'SummerSlam' Match card & Predictions

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    - Taker vs Lesnar was already announced on RAW last night.
    Prediction: Taker wins.

    - Rollins vs Kane :eww:
    P: Rollins retains.

    - Reigns, Ambrose (& Sting?) vs The Wyatt Family (Wyatt & Harper and a possible third member?)
    P: The good guys win.

    - Cena vs Cesaro vs KO
    P: This is where it could go either way. Cesaro could win, but so could KO.
    If Cesaro wins, then KO could be gunning for IC title next or vice versa, I dunno.
    And knowing ol' Vinnie Mac, Cena probably won't be eating the pin which is just BS.
    I feel like that mf doesn't even have it in his contract to put someone over clean. lol

    - Cena vs Cesaro
    P: Cesaro finally defeats Cena and becomes the new US champion!

    - Team Bella vs Team BAD vs Team Paige, Charlotte & Becky
    P: Team PCB

    - The PTP vs The New Day
    P: The New Day regain the tag gold.

    - Ryback vs Show vs The Miz
    P: Ryback retains.

    - DZ vs Rusev (or DZ & Lana vs Rusev & Summer)
    P: DZ wins.

    - Champion vs Champion match (w/ titles not being defended): Rollins vs Cena
    P: Cena probably wins.
    I could also see a Sheamus cash-in after the match and it could go either way.

    If they want Rollins as a babyface come NOC time and facing HHH, then Sheamus will prolly cash in successfully.

    Aaand, if they're still having a hard-on for Kane vs Rollins with the WWE-WHC on the line, then the cash-in by Sheamus will be stopped by Kane and he will proceed to Chokeslam Rollins.
  2. I don't think John will lose clean to everybody but he has lost to Daniel Bryan, Randy, Hunter, Kevin Owens, Brock, Batista, Punk and The Rock from what I've seen. He rarely will ask for a rematch even if he deserves it and he didn't mind being pummeled by Brock last year. I just don't think Mr. McMahon wants to waste time unless that person can be a really big player.
  3. I feel like Rusev will make this a fatal 4 way.
  4. And no way will Rollins be facing Kane, lol.
  5. That's if DZ's not scheduled to return till SummerSlam. I wouldn't be surprised if the match was a fatal four way, though.
  6. I hope not. I was just thinking of the lamest option WWE might go with and that was it.
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