Summerslam Possible SummerSlam Match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter
  2. A 9-match PPV, with HHH/Lesnar probably getting around 30 minutes?

    There better be a couple of quick squashes in there, or all the matches will be too short.

    Oh, and YAY RHODES!
  3. I wont watch this cause Cara never loses
  4. 9 or 10 match PPV Jesus christ.
  5. I can't wait to see cody get buried again -.-
  6. I love Cody Rhodes, but please have him get buried by Hunter instead. Sin Cara botches way to much, and if something were to happen to Cody, like a broken a neck, I'm gonna fuck up Sin Cara and throw him off a bridge. As for Damien Sandow vs Brodus Clay, good. I would like to see them feud, they are entertaining and complete opposite personalities.
  7. I like Sin Cara :obama:
  8. These two will put on a really good match, Cara is a great face worker and Cody is madly athletic. Surprise of the night if given time.
  9. I agree Seabs. You're the man. :obama:
  10. That's my issue with the match though. With WWE title match, WHC match, Bork/Hunter and the concert mean it's gonna get less than 10 minutes probably.
  11. Re: RE: Possible SummerSlam Match

    10 minutes is fine for a mid card match of this style as it will be high energy. It'll be a kick a rush style I'm sure.
  12. Cara will probably botch and ruin it but it could be great. Though Cody is losing.
  13. It'll be fine I'm sure, would've just rathered they save it til NoC and give matches like Ziggler vs Troll more time.
  14. Re: RE: Possible SummerSlam Match

    I doubt he will tbh, most of his botches are him working too quickly for the other to react. Cody should be able to keep up, unless he slips of course.
  15. Cara has had matches with some of the best and botched though. I blame it on lack of communication.
  16. Re: RE: Possible SummerSlam Match

    That probably is an issue also, just IMO a lot of them are him working too quickly shortening the reaction time for his opponent. Plus his style will always be prone to the odd mistake.
  17. Meh, way too many matches mean less time for them. But if they're able to work around that, good.
  18. Ryback vs. Jinder mahal (or what ever it is) cause jinder just keeps running away
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