Elimination Chamber Possible Title Match For WWE Elimination Chamber

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jose Tortilla, Jan 28, 2013.

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    Wouldn't mind seeing Rocky in the Elimination Chamber match tbh...
    Could work out great if booked right. Still Punk vs Rock in it, witch some others in it.
  2. If they make Punk/Rock again they're stupid. It'll not only seal the deal on Rock/Cena at Mania imo, where they could've gone with the triple threat, but Rock will be gassed. He should compete in the Chamber, not take any steel bumps since the part timer is their only draw except for Super Cena, hit a few of his moves, take a big one and lay down while the other people in the match entertain us and he can rest since his cardio is that bad, and beat someone in the end. I'd be alright with that.
  3. Chamber is good for him indeed..

    But why no steel bumps? He's a contracted WWE superstar who takes bumps everywhere.:neymar2:
  4. Oh, as far as I'm concerned he can bump from the top of the chamber to the steel three times in a row, but I'm pretty sure WWE just wants to avoid him being injured.

    Neymar smiley is still ad blocked btw :otunga:
  5. Elimination Chamber, he retains -> Wrestlemania Triple Threat - Cena/Punk/Rock
  6. It would be stupid because it will mean that he will beat Punk twice, and a part timer should never beat a main eventer twice in a row.
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