News Possible Title Match On RAW Tonight

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, May 20, 2013.

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  1. YES! Please let this happen! If its given enough time this match will be good and may be better Melina Vs Alicia Fox................
  2. Melina vs Alicia Fox was a good match? :cornette:
  3. Nothing can be better than Melina vs Alicia Fox.
  4. I must say it would be nice if they'd give some time up for this one. It will be better than the strap match for sure!
  5. Kelly Kelly vs Mae Young is the Match of a lifetime.
  6. AJ and Kaitlyn, two pretty good in-ring divas. Anything has to be better than that strap match, you can tell they have no idea where to go with either man. Wasn't Henry feuding with Ryback just a month ago and kept doing shit to him on SmackDown? :urm:
  7. He was and Sheamus was doing the "I'm stronger than you" rubbish with Big Show. It's an awful feud!
    I like Kaitlyn in-ring a lot, caught my eye on NXT a long while ago and I wish they'd give her more TV time. I am quite enjoying her alliance with Natalya and hope it brings about some good matches for her also.
  8. It really is the most stupidest feud ever.

    Kaitlyn is good from what I've seen in-ring, but usually they're in matches I have no interest in because they have no build so I skip them. Natalya seems to have a death touch, from the farting gimmick to her with Khali and Hornswoggle, now Kaitlyn has got this pathetic admirer gimmick. She needs to stay away from Natalya :lo1:
  9. Haha somebody in the writing team has it in for Natalya. It'd be cool to see them pair up at some point!
  10. I don't think it's so much the writing team, as more Vince himself. He's known to have a very dry sense of humour and everything you see for Divas gimmicks just stinks of him IMO.
  11. Kelly Kelly vs Vickie Guerrero > Melina vs Alicia Fox
  12. Hadn't even thought of that. It's a shame, he's got some decent talent there!
  13. Yeah... he doesn't realise that.
  14. Thought the match was gonna' be at ER, but at least we're even having the match at all, I guess.
  15. I read it was down to a timing issue. Same old story!
  16. I care a fuck load.
  17. It might be good, but it won't be Melina vs Alicia Fox good.
  18. :damn: second time ive fallen for this thread..damn this inviting title.
  19. Meh, divas aren't really worth debating. AJ will win the belt and will do nothing with it for months until she randomly drops it.
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