Royal Rumble Possible unexpected rumble entrants

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  1. Who do you think could be a possible rumble entrant this year, that's not on the roster, or is not expected to be in the rumble?
  2. I'm hoping for Rikishi because after hearing this : - Rikishi was in attendance at Tuesday’s WWE TV taping at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The former WWE Superstar watched his sons Jey and Jimmy Uso wrestle from a luxury box in the arena.

    I know it doesn't mean much but I'd mark for a dance off with Brodus.

    Also Roddy Piper because he's just epic.
  3. Hope both of those are true.

    I see Nash returning again.
  4. A scary thought just came into my mind what if Nash returns and stops HHH from firing Johnny the raw after the rumble. Leading to a HHH vs Nash match at wrestlemania.
  5. Not going to happen. HHH and Nash's feud ended at SVS.
  6. They had a match at TLC. You're probably right however it just was a thought.
  7. Oh, TLC, my bad lol.
  8. I'd love that. Why? Means HHH won't be facing Taker.
  9. Ehh I've seen enough of their feud, it was actually kind of boringto be honest I hope Nash feuds with his couch at home, vs a bag of potatoe chips, with the stipulation of Dortitos or Lay.
  10. No really seabs, I'd pay to see that. :rolleyes:
  11. :rofl:
  12. I knew it would make you laugh @[Crayo]. lol
  13. Nash has completely denied entering the Rumble and said something like (dunno if sarcastic) "Not entering unless I go over".
  14. I'll be staying from spoiler sites that day. Jericho's return was ruined for me, as was Nash's and Booker's. I think Christian will be in it, returning and lasting to the final 10.
  15. Would stay the same but I'll probably be posting them on here (don't worry, with spoiler tags and no spoilered titles).
  16. 'Very' possible Royal Rumble entrants confirmed by different stories:

    -Kevin Nash (Been out longer than he should so he would probably return at the Royal Rumble)
    -Brock Lesnar (Been a lot of talk regarding this guy saying he quit UFC and has shown interest in the WWE somehow and may return at the Royal Rumble)
    -Mick Foley (100%)
    -Undertaker (Been talk about him returning to the Royal Rumble for his Wrestlemania match)
  17. Added spoiler codes :emoji_slight_smile:.
  18. I disagree with Lesnar, I can almost guarentee myself that Lesnar will not return in 2012 at all.