WrestleMania Possible WHC match entrances

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  1. Swagger in an 18 wheeler? :dawg:

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  2. That would be pretty fucking awesome.
  3. It'd be great if he stalled out before he hit his mark.
  4. Will they be keeping an eye on Jack before his takes the wheel this time?
  5. here's that 18 wheeler he might bring.


  6. Thank God WWE will be spending their time planning the logistics around stupid shit like Swagger learning to maneuver an 18 wheeler through a football stadium instead of improving the terrible build for this shtity card.
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  7. Would be funny if he crashed it.
  8. Erm ok that makes perfect sense. Wtf?
  9. Swagger might get pulled again for DUI
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  10. He should hotbox that shit.
  11. Awesome entrance lame match...#GOWWE
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