Possible WrestleMania 29 Opponent for Chris Jericho Revealed

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Mar 14, 2013.

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    :notsure: if serious?!
  2. If Fandango goes over on Jericho that match better steal the show
  3. If Jericho faces Fandango he may as well just retire now. Must be dirtsheet bs.
  4. Don't think Fandango is going to fight Jericho at WM because Fandango isn't fighting at any show, maybe they program the match and the Fandango appear and say "you don't pronounce my name correctly so I won't fight"
  5. Are you talking kayfabe wise? I'm confused. lol
  6. Of course I talk about kayfabe
  7. They won't book him to refuse a match at WM, doesn't make sense at all.
  8. Maybe they do, there's people who runs with their title away just to keep being the champion, why won't they make him refuse a match?
  9. Not fucking way hahahahha
  10. I would honestly like this match. Jericho is there to put guys over. And Fandango going over Jericho would be a good thing for him. Add to the fact that Fandango and Jericho would mesh well as characters only adds to it.
  11. He's in no position right now to deserve the rub. He should, IMO, give any one of Cesaro/Ambrose/Rollins the rub as they're the upcoming talent.
  12. I was starting to think Jericho wouldn't have a spot at all.

    I wouldn't have a problem with him and Fandango squaring off. They seem like they would have chemistry with each other and Jericho mocking Fandango and stirring him up is something that would be entertaining to watch on Raw. And as mentioned, Jericho loves putting other guys over.
  13. I think it's too early for FAAAAANDAAAAAAANGOOOO to have a match with Jericho at WM, maybe it will work but I just don't like the idea.
  14. It's not like it will be a high profile match or anything. Jericho is known for being able to move up and down the card seamlessly.
  15. Has anyone ever made their proper debut at Mania before? haha

    If it does happen, I'd like to see Fandango win then Y2J announces his retirement on Raw the next night. His whole return has been shocking IMO.
  16. It's just not about Jericho, for a superstar to debut at WM against Jericho, it's something huge that I don't think Fandango should have.
    He is not that break out superstar that everyone is dying to see him compete, so why make such a big deal of his debut?
  17. Because he has the possibility to be a main stay mid card heel. Curtis has been with the company since 2006 I think and has paid his dues. Most people backstage like him and he is a hard worker. Jericho helping set him up is good. This is what we want. guys establishing new stars. Fandango will probably never main event a mania, but he can be a staple of the US and IC scene. This is good.
  18. But why not use Jericho to put someone else over?
    I'd love to see Jericho VS Ziggler at WM with Ziggler going over, Fandango vs Jericho looks very random imo.
  19. He's getting decent heat and Vince likes him, I could see it happening. It feels a bit weird but better than being shoved into some triple threat with Barrett and Miz.
  20. Ziggler has already gone over Jericho. He doesn't need it.
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