Possible Wrestlemania plans for WHC

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Oct 3, 2012.

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  1. Meltzer is the source so make off it what you will.

  2. Sheamus will have 1 year reign then? :eww:
  3. :ohgod:
  4. That's not fucking happening.
  5. Not happening... please :upset:
  6. That's going to draw as much as someone can draw a kid to a bingo game.
  7. I'm sure this is something they've discussed. They probably discuss every scenario before ultimately deciding to go with the worst possible one.
  8. Does the MITB Briefcase still last until WM? So, that means DZ will fail the cash-in. FUCK THAT.
  9. If he held the belt that long...

    :facepalm: ...Feller.
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  10. it lasts until the next Monday In The Bank. for like another 3 months after WM.

    If this were to happen, Ziggler could cash in against Orton at WM or later on.
  11. :lol1:

  13. "There is now talk..."
  14. Is that you 'drunk' Blue? :haha::pity:
  15. Dolph will be WHC at WM 29.

  16. Several people in WWE think that Sheamus and Orton are both draws. They're big fans. And, by rights, both guys should be. They're big, talented, workers who are tremendously underrated by the IWC (possibly because they "look like champions" and most guys the IWC prize are smaller guys with more impressive workrates, like Bryan, Punk, and Jericho).

    Both guys, however, work like big stars, which means they use simplified, mainly low-risk movesets that don't impress the IWC very much. This rumor tells me two things: 1) that there has been discussion of a one-year title reign...we all know HHH wants longer reigns (Punk's carried the WWE title for nearly a year and Sheamus has carried the WHC since Wrestlemania without either title being hotshotted onto anyone else), and 2) that one of these guys is going to have to turn heel because neither is big enough to make a good face vs. face feud.

    Also, it's Meltzer and it's just talk at this point. Don't go off the deep end.

  17. I actually disagree for once. Randy is a a seriously good worker and could rival any of the "best in the world" wrestlers you list, but Sheamus is dreadful. Well, he's average. His cardio is disgraceful, he gets gassed, he's lazy, he can't sell at all, he's clumsy, his bumps look weak as fuck, he can not tell a story and he genuinely isn't a draw. Randy was a big draw when he was a heel and is one of the best wrestlers in the company.
  18. I'll second this.

    Randy was huge back in the day as a heel. Sheamus is no where near that level.. Will take a lot, a lot of work to get there.

    Don't even know if it's possible for him tbh..
  19. It's hard to believe that it's almost already Wrestlemania talk.
  20. Indeed, time goes on so fast...
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