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    So apparently, WWE made a whoopsie and a few people caught it before they deleted it. *tisk tisk*

    WWE teased Asuka challenging Alexa Bliss on social media when noting her appearance at the MSG house show yesterday, then deleted and changed its phrasing before posting an article saying she will "obviously remain focused on her NXT title defense" during WrestleMania weekend. This has led to obvious speculation.

    The smart thing to do if this had been the plan, would be not to do it because a lot of people are expecting it now. She can go on to beat Goldberg's single match record this way as well.

    Do you think that we will see Asuka at WrestleMania?
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  2. This is very interesting...as there are all kinds of rumors swirling around the Empress of Tomorrow at the moment...
    ~ Her upcoming title defense against Ember Moon...
    ~ Filling in for Naomi on SmackDown house shows...
    ~ Possibly beating Goldberg's undefeated streak...
    Now this...

    Honestly...while I love the idea of her making her main roster debut on the biggest stage of all...I can't see the
    WWE going through with it. It just sounds too exciting and spur of the moment for their current style of booking.

    Now if I had to guess...the SmackDown women's title will be defended in a 6 Pack Elimination Challenge Match
    with Alexa, Becky, Nattie, Mickie & Carmella being the only competitors confirmed...if Naomi is ready she'll get the
    6th spot...if not...more than likely it will go to Eva Marie or Tamina.

    I could see Asuka debuting the SmackDown after Wrestlemania...but...the WWE may want to wait until the draft
    and keep the belt on Asuka until then.

    Plus...this is the WWE...Luke Harper worked RAW house shows before suddenly showing up at No Mercy (mainly
    due to Erick Rowan being injured) so while its cool to speculate...the truth is...sometimes the WWE decision making
    process seems like its controlled by a senile old man.

    Wait...it is isn't it?

    Honestly...if I had my way...Asuka would be drafted to SmackDown, kick the current champion in the face, win the
    belt and then hold it for 500+ days...all the while looking like a Goddess while doing it.
  3. This would be cool. If Asuka ends up on Smackdown, she shold get a Charlotte type push and be the top female
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  4. A debut at Mania or post-Mania? As long as she's part of SmackDown, it is a-okay in my book. :bodallas:
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  5. Doubt it. Stuff found on Twitter is as credible as stuff found on cable news. And this is the kind of thing that shouldn't be spoiled like this...

    Obviously ain't complaining if it happens!
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  6. It was on Instagram ashley :brock5:
  7. :downer:
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  8. I'm not really a fan of Asuka (her Brock Lesnar booking and lack of mic skills puts me off) but SmackDown needs more women. And Asuka vs. Becky/Mickie/Nikki could be fun matches.
  9. She's Japanese. You can't really expect her to talk like The Rock or Stone Cold considering she's been in the company for like a year and a half.

    She's charismatic, though. And a lot of Asuka's charm comes from her facial expressions and the way she moves.

    Plus, her not talking much is perfect in my book, she's more of a silent killer, an ultimate badass that doesn't need to talk and simply kicks ass.

    So, with that said, hopefully she debuts on SmackDown and gets booked as strongly as in NXT.
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  10. I cant give her a pass for being Japanese, ultimately she's in an English speaking company, largely performing in English speaking countries now. Not being able to adequately converse in English seems silly.

    Her booking is a big detriment too me, like all the other women look like shit compared to the unstoppable Asuka, and she never puts anyone else over. Last thing the poorly booked 50/50 SmackDown women need is an unstoppable beast tearing through them all and making them all look even more useless.
  11. Asuka on Smackdown potentially? I'm sold.
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  12. Personally, I don't find it silly, 'cause people will need time to adjust when they're in a new environment. So, I guess we can agree to disagree on this one.

    As for her booking in NXT, I don't mind it. It's been a while since a women's wrestler has been booked like Asuka, so when someone (Ember Moon, most likely) finally dethrones her, that person's going to get a huge rub and it's going to be a big deal. That's how I look at it anyway.

    Can't comment on her main roster booking 'cause it's yet to happen, but you could be right, but you could also be wrong. We'll see.
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  13. Asuka's working SmackDown live events tonight and tomorrow night. Interesting.

    Hopefully that means she'll wind up on SmackDown.
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  14. Even though she'd have no competition on SDlive after three-six months I'd rather her there than on RAW. I have faith the SDLive writers will keep her credible and interesting.
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  15. Makes me wonder what it is you want, if a dominant champion and a 50/50 division are both "problems".
    Not trying to knock your post or be an asshole, but wonder what your point is. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Anyway I reckon it's another girl they can save until the episode after Mania to beef up that show, but with Mania looking pretty light on the mark-out moments category, this would certainly be a benefit to a card. After that, we'll see.
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    I look at Brock Lesnar, and how he's a detriment to everyone else. No one ever gets to look good, no one (except 50 year olds) gets to go over him, no one gets the rub, and it makes all his matches boring and predictable. Asuka's the same for me. And I cant help but feel if you introduce dominant, never ever loses Asuka to the current SDL environment where all the women look like shit, it'll just make them look even worse. I like what they've done with Nia Jax on Raw, she still looks like a badass, she still actually looks unstoppable, but she has taken a few losses along the way. Thats more entertaining to me, and amazingly I can even say its smart booking from WWE, as opposed to just "lets never ever have this chick lose so she looks like a beast".

    Its just everything leading up to that one big moment gets boring for me. Yes Ember will look great when she beats her, but in the meantime we've had months of Asuka steamrolling everyone else and establishing that all these other girls suck. And on that, when she's been called up to the Main Roster why should we care about the girls who have been smashed by Asuka repeatedly in recent months?
  17. Personally...I don't think Ember Moon doesn't deserves "the rub" from beating Asuka...

    Honestly Asuka's undefeated streak has become bigger than NXT and she should be
    elevated to the main roster with her streak intact and her vacating the NXT women's title
    which is then the main prize in the WWE women's tournament (which I would Ember Moon

    No matter who or how Asuka is defeated...it will be a let down...and her booking after that
    will also be a let down.

    Knowing WWE they'll have her show up on RAW and be defeated by Alicia Fox or Dana
    Brooke in her debut...

    A lot of Asuka's mystery and appeal will be lost once she is defeated for the 1st time...
    I mean...I'll still worship her...but...she'll never be the same...