Possible WWE gimmicks for the deathmachine

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  1. So Callihan reportedly had his WWE physical a few days ago. If he signs to the E that means sending him to NXT (which is a good thing since he is a solid talent but needs some work. And with guys like Wyatt, Ohno and possibly Neville heading up top there will be good working room for him.)

    What kind of gimmick would you like to see for the Callihan deathmachine if he signs with the WWE?

    Personally I'd like to see them reprise the Mankind gimmick in a sense. Callihan could make that work since it is similar to his Deatmachine/new horror gimmick. He has the qualities for it. He's not afraid to take big bumps. He has a very physical, hard hitting and brutal style to him and he had that kind of dark charisma that Foley had as Mankind. Another similarity is his ability to cut really good promos. Callihan as the kind of deranged lunatic that Mankind was would work really well. Another pus is that he is a better pure wrestler that Foley (Even if he needs some work) and not as injury prone so he should be able to work longer matches more easily. I know that people like to compare his former tag partner Dean Ambrose to Foley but Ambrose is more of a Brian Pillman. Out of the two Switchblade alliance members Callihan is more like Foley.

    What kind of gimmick would you like to see Callihan work in the WWE if he signs?
  2. I am good luck. He's possibly my favourite guy in the indies, and he gets signed. Woop. Keep him with the psycho gimmick, he plays that so well.
  3. I've never heard of him until today, and I saw this promo on Youtube which I thought was pretty good:


    It's hard to tell what 'gimmick' he's doing there but he seems pretty good at speaking.
  4. It's evolved over the years. He started off as a psycho who was nothing more than an animal. Then over time his character evolved, becoming more fine tuned as he became a better wrestler. Think a mix of the dark side of Mankind and Cactus Jack and you have a pretty good image of Callihan's character, only darker.
  5. He should join The Ascention to revamp that tag-team.
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