Possible WWE Intercontinental Title Spoiler

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, May 13, 2015.

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    Fine by me.
  2. Other than giving the belt back to Barrett (who I suppose doesn't really need the title right now since he has the whole KOTR shtick that he can crow about for awhile), Sheamus was my next preferred choice for who'd I love to see as the next Intercontinental Champion. He and his new condescending heel persona is genuinely one of my favorite things about the show right now. And with him cutting promos where he puts down all the smaller wrestlers and talks about how they don't belong "in a real man's world" like WWE like he does, it'd feel appropriate to see him carry the title around that a smaller guy (one that he can also brag about once beating in 18 seconds) had to relinquish because he wasn't healthy enough (or strong enough, as Sheamus would put it) to carry it.
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  3. The heat he can draw by running down DB!
  4. I can get behind that too. Sheamus has done a pretty good job irritating fans as a heel that he could have a good run with the IC belt. In my mind, the IC belt has always been a heel title anyway. When I was growing up, a face always had the world title with heels only holding it for a transitional period and vice versa for IC title. It makes more sense for me. Plus if Rollins is going to continue this cowardly character, it'd be nice to have a heel champ who won't be doing that.
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  5. I really want sheamus to win the belt... It would be perfect. The only other guy I would like to see possibly win it is bray Wyatt. But that's not happening.
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  6. Yeah, gotta go with Sheamo winning this one.
  7. I'm trying to find the advertisements.. they quoted the Quicken Loans website shows it on 6/15 but... I bought tickets for that at first open and the description on the site hasn't changed since.
    I can see Sheamus being the IC winner but... as for where the advertisements are I have yet to see one and debunked the Cleveland one.
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