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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Oct 9, 2013.

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  1. I cant remember when, but when I hit some post # I said one nice thing about every member. I'd like to do that again for my 12,000 cause it's like a year of posting if you do 1,000 per month (Yeah I'm a month late). So anyway, here's where I say genuinely nice things about you and since I'm an old fag now it should be much more intuitive. If you're new, don't feel bad if you dont get one, I just dont know you enough to make one.

    Jonathan - You're a pretty cool person to talk to on and off the forum. When you're not being Jonafag you're one of the most productive members of this site and you're not even a mod.

    Adam - I like that you're involved in stuff and try to help out a lot even when no one asks you. You're a very involved person and I like that about you, even though it can be overboard at times.

    Dolph's Ziggler - You're not even here, but I know for a fact that you're lurking. It's no secret we didn't get along, hell you were the only person I flamed on here within my 1st month of being here. However, I love what you bring to the wrestling section and I know you dont always like WWE, but you still contribute to the section which I think is pretty cool of you.

    Aids - I swear to god if you ask me to play left 4 dead 2 again I'm gonna post your video of you performing "Ice Ice Baby", but seriously what I appreciate most about you is what you bring to the e-feds. No one on this forum is more involved and invested in the e-fed section than you and if it weren't for you the IWT wouldnt have been as big as it had gotten, so part of what I helped build with Jono and Brit is definitely attributed to you as well.

    Big Hoss Rambler - You don't post much and I wish you did. Sometimes I think you're a robot, but I like how you lurk in the shadows and just fix things randomly.

    Solidus - Remember that time I didn't want you in NWO lol. I didn't really know you up until this summer during the minecraft binge and you're actually a nice person. I really want to apologize as to how I acted towards you during my early days here.

    deth - I want to thank deth for teaching me everything I know about women lol. Seriously, deth you're freaking hilarious and I think that shines in the DX section, definitely a key figure in the group.

    CrayJ Lee - You have more balls than me. When we made that bet for your titantron I wasn't actually expecting you to make that vid. Sorry for that.

    Farooq - Same goes to you Farooq and we didnt even have a bet, you just volunteered LOL. Farooq you're the nicest person here hands down and I often wonder why you're not the west coast mod (not to undermine anyone). You were one of the reasons I stayed here, just because you were very friendly towards me when I joined Aids' group.

    Xanth - I love you. No seriously man, I want to give you a big ass gay hug and cop a feel on dat ass. Xanth, you dont have much a presence on the forum, but you are just a great person outside of it. If you lived in Jersey you'd probably be my best friend (assuming you would also shower).

    Lady Deathbane - I wanted you to break up with your boyfriend, so you could get some of this dark meat, I kid. inb4 Pedro F-5's me. It's cool to have someone around to be random with and you always kept skype chats interesting with your Live Dick Discussions.

    Britanica - I wanted you to divorce your husband, so you could get some of this dark meat. inb4 Danielson's actually her husband and DX breaks up. Brit is my favorite female on the forum and that's not just cause she's hot, but because I like her threads unlike some of you guys. The whole reason I wanted her to be in NWO when she signed up was because her "LQ" threads generated a lot of activity, something NWO needed at the time. It definitely worked out in DX and she plays a large part in making DX the group it is.

    CM Punk - Another great person to have in e-feds and wrestling sections in general. When it comes down to it, CM Punk is the best all around person on the forum, he's everywhere on this forum and that's not something everyone can say.

    Grammarnazi - I'd hit it, but seriously I dont think I've ever said this to you, but the worst part about leaving NWO was not being in a group with you. You weren't that active, but when we had discussions it was something I enjoyed very much when I first arrived.

    Danielson - Myyyyyyy nigga. If there ever comes a day where WM is in Ohio and you are there when I'm there...the world would cease to exist. Our bromance is on such a high power level, that our fist bump would make Earth implode on itself. I enjoy our one upsmanship where we compete to be the biggest idiot on this forum.

    Jose Tortilla - That one time we talked during Bound for Glory in Team Speak was cool. I'm still convinced you're a mexican, sneaking across our borders.

    Leojay - Possum. That's all you get. You're a cool guy that I wish would be here more often and I always mark out when you berate my posts out of nowhere. You should seriously make a comeback.

    Rain - Probably the best person to have wrestling discussion with and overall one of the best posters in the wrestling section.

    Crayo - I like the fact that you scrolled past everyone's to get to yours. I've told you this before, but I'm really a fan of yours because you dont feel like a moderator. I feel you're more human and opinionated. Out of every moderator I know, you're probably the best simply because you can goof around like everyone else and not everything is just serious with you all the time. I also enjoy making open PM's that say erotic things to make you look like a total pervert.

    Senhor Perfect - Still not convinced you're the age you say you are and you can take that as you see it, but I meant it in a good way. When you first showed up I knew you would be a great person to be a part of my crew just by how you spoke about wrestling. It was even a bonus when I found out you were just as cool as the rest of the group I already had. If there was ever a time where I picked a perfect fit for DX, you were it.

    Respect Gohan6425 - I think I speak for everyone here, it's time for you to come back.

    If I know you and I didnt do one just say so here, I probably just forgot about you.
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  2. #gay
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  3. Also... I have more posts then you.

  4. It's funny because he's black. Oh... wait, wrong thread.
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  5. Tells her I want to insert my penis in her vag, calls me gay. #BritaLogic

    You also have more herpes than me
  6. #BritLogic101 :pity:
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  9. Not sure why you're sorry lol but I appreciate it nonetheless. Either way, I have a lot of things you don't have :ksi:
  10. Not your virginity! Haha! Joke's on you!
  11. That's gonna be written on your tombstone
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  12. [​IMG]

  13. Why would I want to be a virgin like you? Seems like torture to me :pity2:
  14. :mad2:

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    Naw, just fuckin with you. I BETTER BE ON THE NEXT ONE :angry:
  15. I love how you have AJ to the right of your vagina in your sig

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  17. Hey now, 'twas totally happy just creepily lurking here next to that wall over there, drinking some lemonade watching all you cool kids have a ball together. Why've you gotta throw me in the middle of all these people like this? :why:

    Fine. *Takes the weird cape off and somersaults in the middle of the room to throw a fist-bump* Congrats on the 12,000th post on a wrestling for... is that really something to congratulate? Are you really proud? Maybe. Well, why not? Ummmmmmm... Congrats on either the 12,000th post or the awesome thread you made about it!? Something like that!?

    *looks around awkwardly with eyes full of paranoia* Can I go now?

    (Seriously man, you're one of the coolest dudes I've ever kinda-sorta met. We're all honored to have you here, Kid. :obama: Here's to 12,000 more!)
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  19. Congrats on 12,000 posts! I haven't been here long but you're one of the most dope members here. Keep up the good work. Cried I wasn't mentioned :emoji_slight_frown:
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