Post 18,000 (i'm not an asshole)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Oct 10, 2013.

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    Well, I too have been here over a year. I've risen to the 8th "top" poster on the entire forum in that short time. Here are some people that helped keep me here along the way. So, I will go forth in naming the people that I love the most.

    Deth- When I first got here, you were my only real friend on the site. We would just talk shit about ryback and get people worked up. We've shared similar life experiences and we get along well. Sometimes we bicker but it's more because I like to argue with my friends.

    Lady Lamebrain - I love you, like seriously. I send you random pictures of female ass, and... you like it? I think you're one of the coolest bitches I know

    Adam - You actually have helped the site out a lot. You post frequently in wrestling sections and know your stuff. You and I rarely argue, and when we do it's because you take my jokes to heart. I never mean any negative things about anyone. You're a good dude

    Aids - I like aids, i'm an aids guy. Him and I never have had blood with each other because we are cut from the same cloth. We both love to talk shit, and it's hilarious. We know we aren't serious, but when it's time to get serious you know I have your back. I am always going to be someone you can hit up and have a real life convo with and wouldn't judge you.

    Cray J Lee- One of the few people I've allowed to view my personal facebook profile, and actually knows more about me than anyone on this site. She knows the real Danielson, and has a really good heart. She has a job that helps out autistic children, and that's inspiring. Love you.

    Britanica - You, like Cray J know the most about me. You're a pretty cool person, and I like to challenge you simply to see you fight back. I like how weird you are, and how passionate you are about things you love. I wish you stood up for yourself more, and that's it. Love you like a sister.

    Rainman - I respect this guy immensely. He's a pretty true person. You can always expect a honest post from rain, and the ability to converse even if you don't agree. He doesn't take cheap shots and is a big NFL guy. The latter alone makes me like him.

    Senhor Perfect - When you first joined.... oh i'll cut the sappy b.s. You're just awesome dude. I can always count on waking up and scrolling through the forums and finding something hilarious to laugh at from you. You and I have the same sense of humor. Your beard is amazing.

    Dolph's Ziggler - Like aids, we argue. Except when we argue we cut pretty deep on one another. I've called you every name in the book, and you've done the same. What separates our relationship is that neither of us truly care. We both like to argue, even if we know we are wrong (Inb4 Dolph returns just to say "I'm never wrong")

    Dat Kid - This is my dude, he is the funniest guy on the forums to me. He makes me laugh and has the mind of a wizard. His ideas always surprise me, because I never think anyone can out do, or think me. He does, and often gets me to laugh for hours. This is the guy i'd want with me at a wrestling event. I'd be able to drink, act a fool, and if shit went down know that I have a black guy on my side.

    Farooq- Simply the coolest dude on the forums. Him and I are into the same type of nerdy stuff. Star Wars? Check Poetry? Check. All of that pales in comparison to what kind of person he is. He has a big heart and feels for others. He also has a 10/10 ass

    CM Punk - You're a good guy, and I'm sorry for that fight we had several months ago. That was probably one of the biggest regrets I have on the forums because we've never been as close as we were before that. With that being said, I always like reading your posts. Your IWT work is great.

    Leojay - He hates me but for some reason I like him. He's a dick and doesn't have feelings, and says whatever he wants. We've talked electronics in skype while everyone else was babbling about other stuff. Probably the smartest guy on here as far as that stuff goes.

    G0han - Our Punk vs Bryan battles are epic. Our youtube content battles are always fun as well. I love waking up with youtube strikes against me, and accounts deleted. Thank you for never being a good sport, but all the while me wanting to be your first male.

    Crayo - I don't like talking to crayo, because I think I annoy him. You've always been cool to me, but I'm not close to you like I am with the DX people. I thank you for the site because I actually made some real life friends here. You let me rage out from time to time, and never freak out on me, or threaten to ban me. You simply state your case and that's that. We never let things get personal.

    Xanth - I like you a lot, and i...don't .....know....why. Oh it's because you're always there to do things for me. I don't like to bother crayo, so I always just PM you instead. You are pretty nice to me.

    GN - I am not a big TNA person so you and I have limited encounters, but when we do they are always pleasant. You're what I like to call a TRUE wrestling fan. The anti BLFFL

    Testify - Like Nazi, you and I have limited encounters. Most of which are you saying something hilarious and me liking it. Thanks for the laughs.

    Rhod - This dude just simply is ridiculous. He says things that surprise me and keeps me on my toes. His fascination with black people makes me lawl for days. I'm happy you're in DX and we merged and got the old group back. My dude.

    StopSpot- You sneaky devil you. Always charming me with your wit, and formulating future plots that I tend to agree with. You have a good eye for wrestling, and everything you say demands respect. You by far have posted the best wrestling content on this forum as far as I'm concerned. For that, I thank you.

    B. Dazzle - You deserve to be named because you're a DB mark and a NY giants fan. We both go on our giants rants on sundays and it's fun to have someone to do that with. I'm happy you've joined

    Irwin - IF that's really who you are, you're hot. That's all I have to offer you, and tony romo sucks.
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  2. I feel as you're too nice to me now. Be a douche to me sometimes like the good old days, lol.
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  3. Actually, I think we were all closer cause we all had those late night Skype sessions.
    Who was it?

    Leo C

    Fuck, those were the good ole days.
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  4. This is one of the nicest things anyone's ever said about me. I really appreciate it and you know I think highly of you. The love is mutual <3
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  5. Yeah, man. You were my buddy from the get go, and even when we disagree with things it's never anything too serious. Always will be in my heart <3
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  6. Those were fucking great times haha. Miss 'em :okay:
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  7. That was my favorite time on the forums.
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  8. I like the sappy BS doe :sad:

    Luv ya buddy!
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  9. Aww thanks man :yay:

    I can see your facebook too :ksi: Nah just jokin, You are awesome man. You have been awesome to me since day one and I thank you for that.
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  10. Not sure if i should take all that as a compliment but thanks dude. One of the greatest guys ive met on the net.

    Like i used to say on skype (till you didnt want to add me LOLZ) NIGGA NIGGA
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  11. I'm #1 on the list. Everyone be jelly.
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  12. np player
    It's a compliment, you make me laugh.
  13. <3 my hero. Glad we are all together again in dx. I don't think we can ever re-create last year, but let's try.
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  14. It's already begun. Fluffy and Jingles :happy:
  15. Youre almost as great as a black Bryan Danielson
  16. That's the rhod I know and <3
  17. I always wonder how you and Senhor get so many likes, it's threads like this where i like it and then realie im the 6th person in line.

    Thanks for the shoutout, pal, you know i feel the same way. We would make one shitshow of an amazing drunk party.
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  18. I've never made a thread like this. Maybe at 15000 :hmm:
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  19. Make it 20,000 and have it be the greatest thread ever.
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