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  1. 4,000 posts ago I dedicated it to Farooq because he was my favorite user at the time. Now that I am now the superior black guy on the forums (provided that Hoss isn't black) Farooq is unworthy of my friendship.
    Farooq = Marty Jennetty

    For this post instead of picking one person I'm going to write one nice thing about every member I've encountered. Enjoy it.

    Going down the roster list, so if I miss you I'll add you if you say something.

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    First moderator I've known that acts like a person and not a robot. Very helpful when I 1st got here and still is helpful whenever I have a dumb question.

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    :aries: even though I never actually beat you for spammer (cause a hurricane took my power out when I had the day off to super spam) it was motivation to be more active on the site. Whenever you return full time I'll be ready to out spam you

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    I've never met a person who can go toe to toe with me in a debate (most likely because I live in the ghetto and the people at my university are just as dimwitted), so the challenge was nice. Looking forward to our title match at Elimination Chamber

    Big Hoss Rambler
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    Youtube partner that helped me multiply my views by literally 10. Also the slayer of the Kelly Kelly discussion thread. Nuff said

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    I could have hours of wrestling convo with spot, introduces me to a lot of stuff that's not in WWE. All around cool guy of the forums.

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    I would not be here if I had not gotten on twitter that one rare day and posted about wrestling. Shortly after Matt/Vince McMahon asked me to join the forums. Replied to the tweet to see if it was just a spambot and he replied, so I said why not. The rest is history

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    Funny at times and contributes well to discussion, definitely knows how to back up his opinions

    Leo C
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    I don't really notice Leo C, but I'm aware of his good activity. I like that he not only post his own opinions, but branches off what others say

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    see Leo C* with the addition of putting up some good threads that don't necessarily relate to current news which is good during a slow news day

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    he's black

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    One of the reasons I stayed in NWO as long as I did, funny, great poster, and has a good music taste as well

    CM Punk
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    don't know how I ended up playing Uno with this guy til 6am, but that was a fun night. Not sure how you rubbed my members the wrong way, but you're cool with me

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    see Leo C and Jose Tortilla

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    Came into the forums right after me always wanted him to be in the same group as me and since that actually happened I've had some of the best weeks on the forums

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    One of the guys that were awesome in NWO so it was always awesome when he was around in the section

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    I've been on this forum for 5 months and this fat summum bitch! THIS FAT SUMMUM BITCH! :steiner: Always fun kayfabing with Testify

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    deth IMO is one of the most underrated posters on the forums. He's active and he has a lot of valid points whenever he makes a post. Also a funny person to know

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    I feel like I shouldn't do one for Aids because that ego :haha: Aids and I can go back on forth on any thread, with great HQ discussion. One of the good guys of that first month I was here

    Neil Thorn
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    When you hit on all the girls of the forum, I lol even though they're creeped out. If all those times were jokes you are a comedic genius, but I'm pretty sure they weren't :lol1:

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    :fap: :fap: :fap: :fap: :fap: :fap:

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    :fap: :fap: :fap: :fap: :fap:

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    I bet you though I was done fapping :fap: :fap: jk. Britanica went from queen of the locker room to being a good poster in the wrestling sections. Although as of late it's usually :willis: :angry: :mad: still a cool person to talk to on the forums and she brings like to the DX sections

    Senhor Perfect
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    normally when a person would get nearly the same amount of posts as me in half the time I would call spam, but that's not the case. Most of the time Senhor posts it's a legit post and not "Going on commercial" & "We're back". Glad I picked you out when I saw you early on

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    tempted to write this in all caps, but for this post only I will respect Gohan. Even though Gohan gets a lot of crap from us, he still comes on the forums and that's something to be admired.

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    Another reason why I stayed in NWO as long as I did. GrammarNazi is just all around goddess of the forums. We have a lot of similar tastes as well so it was enjoyable to talk with her in the NWO section.

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    When he's not spamming & trolling, Ambrose is a good poster and if I saw more of that he'd already be in DX

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    Federation X was one of the reasons I liked this forum, waiting for Sheldor's return

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    Massive fan girl, but a nice person generally

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    A good poster and would be the superior Leo if he posted more often, but another cool person to talk to as well

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    All of waco's posts are good and I have not seen him have one LQ post. Not just a poster, but a funny guy as well.

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    Good mod as well and when I don't feel like bothering Crayo, he's equally as helpful

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    Aside from being from Jersey, kanenite is another one of the members that I can have a back and forth wrestling convo with, but also a cool guy as well. Didn't expect it until I added him to DX, but he's been a good addition to the group

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    When Baraa isn't busy with class I think he spends a good amount of time posting and he's pretty active considering the circumstances. Baraa also helps keep activity going in DX so he was another good add

    Lady Deathbane
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    :fap: :fap: :fap: One of my favorites here. Good member in my opinion and a cool person to know. Wouldn't be on skype as much if not for her, Danielson, and leo.

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    When he posts in a thread he is a god, but when he makes a thread it's amplified by two. He makes the best threads on the forums because he not only poses questions or posts news, he gives things to consider that he comes up with on his own. Some of the most HQ stuff on this forum comes from KLockard23

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    Occasionally actually has good points to talk about in her threads, if there was less markishness she'd be a pretty good member here

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    A good tech guy for the forums. I'm sure there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff he does that we don't even know about.

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    I often wondered why you joined pipebomb because the posting you were doing was different from the markish banter from of those other members. Generally a good addition to any thread he posts in
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  2. d'awwwww
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    fag :pity1:
  3. Awesome post dude. I had to fix a lot of it due to you forgetting to end the spoiler tag, but I'm nice like that since I'm not a robot :yay:.
  4. d'aww, almost encouraged me to post more
  5. low expectations of me going in, story of my life
  6. I knew that when we finally got in a group together magic would happen.
  7. That was such a great post, From....
  8. Funny at times and contributes well to discussion, definitely knows how to back up his opinions




    at times? :mad2:


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  10. :dawg: :laugh: :lol1: :lol2:
  11. I'm sorry, I literally posted this and went straight to sleep
  12. D'aww, thanks for making something nice up to throw at all of us.
  13. No post for the legendary Jonathan? Fine :finger:
  14. lol I love threads like these but no matter how many people you mention it always turns into the ones you didn't feeling left out.
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  15. I had something for you, but we're not suppose to discuss the legends section right?
  16. You have 194 posts, what'd you expect?
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