Post-BFG series

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  1. So as we all know, TNA's quality of shows and stoylines has decreased as the A&8 storyline has continued and the MEM came in and Ortiz/Rampage caused lots of drama. But TNA have a chance to rectify everything with the BFG PPV and beyond. What would you do during/after BFG to put TNA on the right track? Or do you like this current format/storyline?

    For me, it'd have to be Austin Aries to win the BFG series and beat Bully Ray at the pay-per-view for the World Heavyweight Championship. He would beat Bobby Roode in the final match (or if it's a 4-way as I think I might have heard between the 4 finalists, have Double A pin Roode). Meanwhile, the MEM and AJ Styles would defeat the A&8 in a One Last Time match to destroy the heel faction and despite being with the faces, AJ retains his old theme but uses a mix of old moves and new aggressive moves. Ortiz and Rampage would also leave and go back to Bellator. Manik would face two old faces; Zema Ion and Christian! He would just about retain the title in a feud that would bring much-needed prestige back to the mid-card title. Meanwhile, Storm and Gunner would drop the tag team titles to the returning Generation Me (finally, a proper tag team).

    And then, for the rest of the year (and possibly going into 2013), we see Aries as champion, feuding with several other superstars - Roode, Daniels, Styles, Christian, Sabin. Manik would be the title holder in an X-Division containing more wrestlers than it previously has this year - Ion, Kazarian (face), King, Dutt, Williams, Hardy, Spud. The tag team division, which shone in early 2013 but fell recently, could have Generation Me return (and win the belts off Storm and Gunner) while we could see Magnus and Joe return as a tag team and possibly see the unification of Joseph Park and Eric Young as a duo.

    What about you guys?
  2. Christian is in WWE dude, stop wasting your time on him.

    Hmm, post-BFG....

    World Title scene: AJ Styles as champion, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries and Magnus as challengers
    Tag Titles scene: Storm & Gunner feud with Generation Me, Daniels & Kazarian, and either reformed LAX or heels Chavo & Hernandez
    X Title scene: Manik feuds with the likes of Rubix, Greg Marasciulo (Trent Barretta), Rockstar Spud, and hopefully returning Zema Ion. I'd bring back the Open Door rule for the X Division
    Knockouts Title scene: Mickie James as the champ feuds with Tessmacher, and later with Ivelisse Velez

    I'd also feud Angle vs. Bradley and Sabin, and have a Joe & Rampage vs. Kenny King & King Mo feud.
  3. Post BFG Champ: Styles. Aries, Roode & Magnus are in the title scene.
    Tag division is shit right now
    King needs to be X Division champ
  4. Styles vs Aries, BI vs roode, Park vs bully, magnus vs anderson, storm and his boy vs random tag team assembled, knox is out of tna, devon is backstage, there are a lot of other advantages.
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