Post funniest WWE segments/promos/interviews/anything

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Donald Trump_, May 13, 2012.

  1. I'll start, this video reminds me of carlton and will from fresh prince will is rock and carlton is kurt.

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  2. The rock and hurricane hamburger ones made me laugh out loud

    "the scorpion king.... Has a small ding a ling!"

  3. Yeah the hamburgler was funny, post a video though!
  4. When HHH Was looking at eve pearls lol

  5. c'mon guys, post videos. videos always make a thread better.
  6. Yeah, not happening from my phone!!

    The Jericho and christian ass cream segments.....GOLD

  7. Both of Rock's concerts were hilarious.

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  8. By far the funniest promo Brock has ever cut:

    [size=x-small]edit: the girl kinda looks like Emma Watson from the side. o_o[/size]

  9. That is pure, pure, gold.

  10. These two crack me up every single time.
  11. lmfao. Kurt is the man. spot on comparison with the Fresh Prince stuff as well

    ^^^ Brock returning and giving the F5 to Cena best moment ever Cena being put in his place
  13. Kurt is a really funny guy.
  14. lmao, hes just goofy. like carlton. goofy, short, stubby, milk drinking olympic champion. kurt's being goofy was one of the best things about the attitude era.
  15. You've got to love Angle, he was such a great wrestler, and very entertaining.
  16. he was one of the rare wrestlers that had the "whole package". only other wrestler in wwe who has the total package would be the rock. by total package i mean they had it all and capable of doing anything. funny, good wrestling, entertaining, charismatic, playing a top heel, over with fans when they wanted to be. theres nothing the rock and kurt didn't have.
  17. Exactly. Both Rock and Kurt were very versatile.
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