Post gif reactions to Hogan finally being gone

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. I miss him tbh, his theme>

    Then Hogan appeared and fucked that moment up
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    This is just my reaction, and not a diss on the thread, or anyone who likes tna.[​IMG]
  4. Hogan saw sense and got out now hes not stupid he knows TNA are over and hes not hanging around for the company to go bust
  5. Hes gone? Lol Cena vs Hogan WM30
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  7. Oh hell yes! That's what's best for business! They'll also announce Kaitlyn vs the WHC at WM30

  8. HE LEAVING B/C TFA IS GOING UNDER LIKE I SAID YEAR AGO! I said that would be out of business in 1 year!
  9. I strongly believe that punctuation is very key when writing posts because not having punctuation ruins the post because it makes your sentences run on and on and on and no one knows what the fuck you are talking about do you see what I mean you idiot?
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  10. Hogan leaving means changes. Changes can be really good or awful decisions. In this case, I can only see TNA growing without Hogan
  11. Crayo

    You know there isn't one person happier around here than me if Hogan is gone, but please guys.... The contract negotiations are still an on-going thing. Hogan is still on the roster page, and he promoted the Tulsa, OK television taping the other day, and that concerns me.

    Until Insider or Powell confirm him truly being gone, I will not believe that piece of shit is gone.

    If he is gone and it is confirmed, then you expect 69 gifs from me in this thread.
  12. Plus see the ending of this official Spike IMPACT preview :emoji_slight_frown:

    Another concern.
  13. I'm concerned about the way they built up to that. They had a video package, several teases, a whole bunch of stuff leading up to that moment. If this was really the last time we saw Hogan, then why would they do all that crap to build up to a guy leaving the company? Oh, right, creative control.

    I wouldn't worry about the end of that video there. Probably just didn't produce a new outro yet. More worried about the way they keep yapping about the dude now that he's left the company... although advertising Hulk Hogan being gone is definitely good for business.

    From what I've read the problems were even bigger than I thought. So it was his call to go on the road, move to Monday nights, and be part of several other money-losing endeavors for the company? Good riddance.


  14. I was just posting GIFs of my reaction for if he really is gone. :upset: IF. Really hoping he is, as it genuinely would be better for the business and save them so much on expenses that could turn into money much better spent elsewhere. But I do have concerns about it and the way it's been done.
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