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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Roi, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. That's it . Whenever someone likes your post you could get a notification .
  2. Or you know... you can click on your post likes and see which comment got liked.
  3. Yeah , However this way it would be much more easier to realise if someone liked your post .
    I mean otherwise you need to look at your post likes And it has maybe increase by 5 and u haven't realised it .
  4. Only 64 likes for me :robbie:
    I'm not a bad poster :upset:
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  5. 4(3)(4)(5) for me (I'm with the phone cannot check it right now ..too lazy)
    Gonna catch u up
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  6. I'm going to speak to @euantor about getting this done, it'll be cool.
  7. PLEASE no. At the very least, make it easy to ignore, i post a grip with GN Rain and Test :haha:
  8. We have, what, 7k likes between us?

    Yet you're stuck at 500. :haha:

    Kinda agree with CM Punk, but wonder if you can make it for just the subforums since those don't show up on the likes page.
  9. PM me what I need and I'll do it this week.
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