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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Is there a way to add to post like feature to the mobile site? There have been so many posts I've wanted to like, but couldn't because I was on my phone.
  2. I want to suggest something of my own - is there a way that when your post gets liked, you can see who 'liked' it?
  3. You can. You have to click the post that was liked and it shows who liked it
  4. Has to be added customly. Maybe Solidus or Blank can do this.

    Yes, you can. You have to click the number of likes.
    If you go here, and click the likes number, you can view who liked it. You can also click this [​IMG] likes number and view it.
  5. Crayo has said numerous times that the current like plugin is on it's last legs. He already has a new system in the works, just a matter of time before it's introduced. No doubt he'll get the developer to intergrate mobile viewing into it.
  6. Just realized I only have 63 likes. :why:
    I'm not a bad poster! :angry:

    :okay: :upset:
  7. Done. I've not got my phone near me, so let me know if the placement is good and if it works well.
  8. Okay I got my phone, looks good to me. I will probably align it to the right though.
    I also made changes to the header as well, I'm sure @Crayo will approve, it doesn't break the container anymore.


    Added awards in there, and PMs are moved below and renamed.
    Logout, modcp and admincp are now in the footer.
  9. Added 'Statuses' next to messages now as they were removed from the index.
  10. Definitely approve. Anything that makes the mobile version more appealing is awesome. It's sort of been neglected since it has been installed to be honest.

    The actual GoMobile project has been undertaken by someone else though it seems, so we may get some cool updates in the future.
  11. Great stuff, thanks guys!
  12. I'm glad this is sorted as I had the same problems as you. So, we can like posts now off of our mobile phones, correct?
  13. Yes ^
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